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Bazile | 15:29 Mon 21st Dec 2020 | Spam & Scams
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Just received a message on my phone stating as follows -

HALIFAX: You have successfully added a new payee , MR K KHAMIL on 21/12/20. If this was NOT you remove them here immediately :

I haven't got a Halifax account ( missus has, in her name only )

I assume this is a scam ?


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Looks dodgy, they mention one person added but then refer to him as they.
Ask Halifax about this:
Almost certainly scam, compare say with this thread
I received a similar one last week and neither my husband or I are with the Halifax. I just deleted it.
I have had one too, but i am with Halifax.But i just ignore and block it.Thats as per Halifax instructions.It is a scam,they just send out willy nilly but sometimes get lucky that the person does bank with Halifax and it would make them think about it.Dont do anything just block it
you've got one now, Mr Khamil.

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