Bt Openreach Scam

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drmorgans | 09:31 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Spam & Scams
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This scam is circulating again (still?).

Over the last day or two, I have received a couple of calls claiming to be from BT Openreach (all the people I spoke to sounded south Asian). Both suggested my Broadband is slow / noisy. An obvious scam but I decided to find out what they wanted. The second (after a few minutes) passed me to his "supervisor" who said I needed to press the Window-key and R - a precursor to installing software to take over the computer - at that point I told the bloke to "eff off" and hung up.

Anyone else having these annoying calls?


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My wife had one of these people going for ages by going on about the funny key (fn = function) which is next to the Windows key. He eventually realised he was being taken for a ride and swore at her.
I usually ask them to send a prawn curry and poppadums.
Mrs A had one just now.

“But I haven’t got a computer,” she lied, glibly.

Which nonplussed the caller, who rang off.
Looks like this is the exact same one I had today.

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Bt Openreach Scam

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