Anyone Else Being Pestered With Nuisnace Emails?

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Dodger666 | 12:47 Thu 20th Dec 2018 | Spam & Scams
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For about three weeks now I have been receiving up to 20 spam/phishing emails every day. Supposedly they are coming from well know high street companies plus others. I report them all to my internet provider and receive an automated acknowledgement. But they still come.

They come from various email addresses, including my own sometimes. None of the email addresses bear any resemblence to the company concerned.

Is anyone else suffering from these? If so have you managed to stop them?


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Sorry for the typo. "Nuisance".
They are not that easy to stop I get very few but I also use a program called Mailwasher to check what is on my email server. It downloads the headers of all the emails in your inbox blacklists the known spam (always check its correct)it also gives you the option of manually blacklisting emails you then just click process and they are deleted from your email server before ever reaching your computer. It can also give a lot of detail on its path to your inbox (If you are able to understand it) It takes a small amount of know-how to set up
I’ve had a spam one from t.v licence. Not the amount you’ve had though Dodger.
I use an iPad and BT Yahoo and never get any spam. Don't know whether this is because Yahoo has tightened up since it was hacked or if it's the iPad filtering it all out.
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I think they may be getting cheesed off now. I have only received three so far today. Either that or my provider is catching up with them.

I have used Mailwasher in the past, maybe it's time to start again.
You seem to receive far more than average.
Try the Robinson List. Servicio Lista Robinson in Spain, but is an international company I believe. We were getting countless Spam phone calls on our landline and was advised by our provider to join them, it seems to have worked, no calls from them today. You can " divert" spam from landlines, emails, mobile phones and even post. It's free too.
Most of mine seem to come from When blocked there's always a slight difference in the sender ID from the one before.
I'm sure there's a point to devoting resources to sending out streams of garbage but it escapes me.

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Anyone Else Being Pestered With Nuisnace Emails?

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