Broadband Disconnection - Not!

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diddlydo | 22:19 Tue 09th Oct 2018 | Spam & Scams
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Fed up with robot phone calls saying my broadband connection will be terminated tomorrow unless I which point I hang up. Oddly enough I still have my broadband connection!


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Must be getting it free then, as it's been terminated.
Shirley rings me every couple of days.
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Why can't BT stop these calls to my landline???
They can if you registerwith BT protect. After receiving a call you phone 1572 and they will bar it.
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Done that - pointless as it doesn't work!
I don't understand why BT call protect is not working for you. It always works for me. You can block the calls in your account on the internet. These nuisance callers do use more than one number, so may need blocking more than once. I have not had any calls like this lately, but vaguely remember something on those lines in the past.
Due to these, and other unwanted calls, I registered with Telephone Preference Services, and have had none of these calls for well over two years. Registering is Free and only takes a couple of minutes.

I used a similar service for stopping unwanted post. (letter box post).
But, Diddlydo, your broadband connection HAS been cut off.

You're only imagining that this thread exists, honestly!

Well I've been threatened with the same thing here in Oz too ...luckily I still have mine as well, and no Chris, I'm not imagining it either :))
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TPS doesn't work and how do you report a number to BT when the caller has withheld it? Answer - you can't!
TPS can't stop calls routing from overseas or so called market research ... the a waste of time...I block numbers myself
It's a pain, I refer it when I get a real person to wind up
Prefer it
With Call Protect you can block all numbers when the caller has withheld the number. You need to do that obviously.
The problem with withheld numbers is that some of them are genuine, especially those from organisations with switchboards like hospitals so I tend to allow them. Only very occasionally will a rogue call slip through. All international and unavailable numbers are blocked.
re scam phone calls, i'm surprised i'm still here considering the amount of accidents i'm supposed to have had ...

TPS doesn't work and how do you report a number to BT when the caller has withheld it? Answer - you can't!///
It works for me, but I am not on BT.

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Broadband Disconnection - Not!

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