Scam Text Message On Mobile Phone From Hsbc

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Guilbert53 | 11:58 Fri 10th Aug 2018 | Spam & Scams
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Just got a scam text message on my phone saying HSBC bank have detected unusual login attempt.

But I dont have a HSBC account

This scam seems it may have been around for a while

Similar to this here


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Thanks for the warning, Guilbert.

However anyone who is unsure as to whether such a call or text is genuine or not probably shouldn't ignore it. They should phone their bank using a number that they can trust (e.g. the one on the back of their debit card or one found in the BT Phonebook).

The reason I write that is that I once got a call from someone claiming that they were from Santander about 'suspicious activity' on my account. I immediately went into 'extreme caution' mode, strongly suspecting that an attempt was being made to scam me. However it turned out that the call (telling me that someone had made three unauthorised ATM withdrawals from my account, totalling £800) was genuine, so I'd have been a fool to ignore it!

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Scam Text Message On Mobile Phone From Hsbc

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