Where Is The Sting In This 'scam'?

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Jackdaw33 | 18:09 Wed 01st Aug 2018 | Spam & Scams
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Got a phone call this morning. Asian voice, but sounded like a recording. Apparently they are going to disconnect my internet because my 'IP address has been compromised in several countries and they would have to change it'. I didn't listen to the whole message and hung up. I just wondered what they were after. BTW, I use an O2 moble dongle to connect to the internet so I don't see how they could disable that.


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They might have finished by saying something like ' If you would like to discuss this please cal us on ...premium rate number...' etc. Hard to say really, but wise to hang up.
I've had a few of those, the first time I listened to the end and she said if I wanted to stop the disabling of my connection to press '#' or some other key on my phone.

Needless to say I didn't so can only guess how it works if you do.
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Thanks for the explanations. I suspected it might have been about stopping the 'disablement' for a fee. I perhaps should have listened to the whole message. Anyway, as you can see I'm still here for the nonce.
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Clearly not a new scam then. The ones I usually get are the 'I'm calling from Microsoft. Your computer is running slow &c' type. I do not automatically block withheld numbers as some are genuine. If they are foolish enough to use a number they only get through once.
I had this call, looked on 'who called me', seems like they are a Russian Company, needless to say dispite me putting the phone down, my internet is still working.
I had a missed call from an unusual number earlier today. A google of the number yielded no clues, except that a number sttarting +81 should be coming from Japan.

I'm confuzzled.
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The number was withheld on the call I got.
it may be working, Darcey ... for the Kremlin.
I've had loads of similar calls. Very posh, recorded female voice, sometimes from BY, sometimes from 'your service provider' today from cyber crime agency, all telling me my internet will be turned off. Mostly 0208 numbers. It sounds like the same voice, I just hang up

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Where Is The Sting In This 'scam'?

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