Have I Just Been Very Stupid?

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tearinghair | 13:06 Sun 21st Jan 2018 | Spam & Scams
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Just had a call supposedly from BT checking whether my broadband was working OK. He asked all the usual BT-type questions, and I didn't think more than twice about it as I've had to have engineers out three times, the most recently yesterday; it seemed good customer relations to check up on it. The only info I gave him was my address. Could this have been a scam?


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Ben receiving such calls for ages.Scam

You're a BT Customer and yet he needed to ask your address?
I wouldn't have answered any of his questions. I'd have told him to write to me if he wanted to know anything.
If the caller was genuine, he would have known your address surely?
Had a similar call couple of weeks back clearly from an Indian call centre. I dont even have BT so told him to go forth and multiply. It is a scam.
Presumably he now knows where to post the BT looking spam mail.
probably; yet he doesn't seem to have asked for any incriminating information from you, so I don't know why he would be scamming you.
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To be fair, the genuine BT call centres all ask for the first line of address, relationship to account holder, and will not proceed without them, which is exactly what he said. If the worst that happens is that I get a full spam box it's not a problem as I never open anything in there. But I'm not my usual sharp self at the moment; taking a cocktail of drugs following an operation. So my judgement was a bit flawed.
Shows how much I know. I thought they only asked questions if you called them.
was it your street address or email you gave him?
Change password for email immediately if you gave him your addy
So you had s BT engineer out as recently as yesterday

He didn't ask any questions that sound fishy

Either good follow up customer services OR as said a scam

Bit of a coincidence in this case
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Street address only.
Can't see how you've been scammed. All you've told him is your street address and confirmed you have a BT phone.

For peace of mind call BT and they will tell you if the call was genuine.
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Thanks everyone.
I give out my street address all the time; the most I ever suffer is the delivery of charities gift brochures. You've given away no important information. This doesn't sound like a scam to me, but as hc suggests, you could always call BT to check.
If you've still got the number that phoned you (if your phone keeps a list of calls) google the number and see what comes up.

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