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zebo | 23:53 Sun 24th Jul 2016 | Spam & Scams
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I have received an invoice from Apple via email for some itune purchase. I don't have any Apple products and wouldn't know where to begin with iTunes but they have my email address and some customer id attached to it. Has anyone else had anything similar and does anyone know how I can stop this happening?
The support and helplines all seem to assume that I have passwords etc so I can't contact them and a reply to the email has bounced back.


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It's a phishing scam by the sound of it.
Put it in your spam and then ignore it
As already said, it's a scam.
They probably send zillions of these out, in the hope that some genuine Apple customers will click on the links and input their passwords and other sensitive details.
If you ever receive any emails claiming to be from a reputable source, asking you to click on a link and input your details ..... it's more than likely a scam.
If in doubt, go to the website in question, by manually inputting the address yourself - do not trust a link that you click on, unless you know for certain the source of the email.
Many of these phishing scams have very convincing backgrounds and logos to make you think they are from your bank or utility supplier but they then let themselves down by using pigeon English. I had one recently, saying 'many apologise' instead of 'many apologies' and then later in the email they switched to US spellings and once again bode 'many apologizes'.

If in doubt, call your bank or utility supplier by using the number on the back of your card or on your last bill or statement. Never call any number in the e-mail.
Just ignore.
You can safely ignore.

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Invoice From Apple

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