Driving License Scam

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VHG | 00:10 Sat 19th Dec 2015 | Spam & Scams
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I will enter this as a new question (so people don't miss it) even though I have updated the original question as well that was asked the other day about this subject.

I have just got Which magazine, and there is a letter in there from a man who got his over 70 driving license from a "dodgy" web site and got charged 90p and £39.00

He thought these were one off payments but he found the £39 was a FORTNIGHTLY payment and it went out every two weeks.

He was sent paperwork and it was hidden in there in the small print so ALWAYS check the small print carefully.


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Or, alternatively, always use the DVLA website.
Question Author
Here is the web site that I think the previous poster used, and here is the prices page.

Note it says 90p for 3 days then £39 every 2 months (not every two weeks as I said above and the Which article says).

Note it also says:

At the end of the 3-day period, the trial offer is converted into a subscription for an undetermined period of time
Fortnightly, monthly, two monthly. I can see why people get confused. Best to just use DVLA.
I was ripped off in a similar way by a website that looked like the one for Transport for London when I was trying to pay the Congestion Charge. Luckily it was a one off of only £5, but you do have to be careful. I am so much more careful now.
rip off rather than scam

It is very obvious that if you dont cancel after three days !
then you will get dinged for 39 quid
Question Author
>>Best to just use DVLA.

That is easy to say, but if you do a search on "Renew driving license" you do get some "dodgy" sites (some of which try to "look" like the official site).

The poster who asked the question the other day was over 70 as he was trying to get an over 70 driving license and many people that age are not so used to using the internet as younger people or people who use it a lot.

The poster had already used the dodgy site, and had been charged £39 but i don't think he was aware it was a ongoing payment.

Yes everyone should use the DVLA site, but some people don't, and it was too late for that poster.

I am just trying to help him avoid more money going out.
My missus got charged an extra £40 for her car tax from one of these sites by googling 'car tax' rather than going direct to the DVLA site.
It's just common sense to me. Driving license. DVLA.
Question Author
>>>It is very obvious

Is it obvious?

Suppose you don't see that prices page, I bet the company don't go out their way to point it out.

And I bet most people don't realise the money is going to go out on a regular basis.

I still think it is a scam as some people could pay out 3 or 4 payments before they realise and they may have a difficult job getting their money back..
Question Author
>>>It's just common sense to me. Driving license. DVLA.

I think you have made your point, that is the third time you have said it.

Sadly many people get scammed for all sorts of reasons so it is best to warn them, though of course if everyone had your common sense nobody would ever get scammed.
Very true.

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Driving License Scam

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