Festival Fashion: A Survival Guide

15:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Be savvy in the fashion field even when surrounded by mud - and thanks to the great British weather you are likely to be accompanied with some rain. If you’re geared up with some tips on how to survive a wardrobe malfunction you won’t have to worry about looking good just making sure you don’t miss any festival acts.

Field Fashion:

Just because your camping for a few days doesn’t mean the fashion rules should go out the tent window. Come rain or shine you can always dress to impress at a festival. Cut off denim is the typical festival essential item, and if the sun is shining you can team your denim shorts or skirt with a funky t-shirt- looking every inch the image of a fashion expert.

Festival dressing is so simple art, looking chic without a full length mirror takes skills and precision. Wellies are an obvious must have and are notoriously known for being a festival staple - totally practical but totally cool, but you can even go wrong with a pair of colour clashing, mix match willies. However with so much variety and choice out there you should be able to find the perfect pair to make you look like a fashion icon, strutting round festival fields in style. Go bright and bold or playful with patterns - it won’t just be Little Boots on stage turning heads, you will be turning heads off stage.

Team your denim with bright prints and attitude, with graphic funky designs that will make you stand out in the crowd. When deciding on that ultimate trendy denim jacket you should also consider that it is 99% likely to rain so remember to pack that essential waterproof parka in a punchy hue too.

Fashion Fix or Fashion Faux Pas?

If you’re lucky enough to experience a warm sunny festival you should tread the bohemian trend with some fringed footwear. Boots are great for walking and gladiator sandals are perfect for chilling by the BBQ. One thing to remember is be prepared to either lose them or have drinks and mud smeared all over them - this is inevitable at a festival, unless you spend the whole time in your tent.

Coloured macs not only look super stylish but they also make you stand out from the crowd meaning your festival buddies will have no trouble trying to spot you. Dress like an onion and layer up to keep you warm but also if it gets hot you can take off as many layers as you need to - chances are it will be the first option seen as Britain is famous for its rain all year round.

You will need to carry your essential items around with you at a festival so you will need a trendy, but handy bag to keep them in. Studs and tassels will show you know the fashion rules and cross body straps will leave your arms free for dancing and carrying pints of warm cider.

Another festival must have is a funky stylish hat to firstly look cool, but also shelter come shower or shine, with the added advantage of hiding horrible hair. After 3 days of not showering you will want it to be hidden!

Sunglasses are an absolute must – even if you can’t guarantee sun, shades are always essential. Especially when you are hung-over on warm cider and still wearing yesterdays make up.

With a few handy fashion tips you can rest assure you will look chic and trendy at any festival no matter what the weather throws at you.

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