From beatification to Sainthood

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ruby27 | 20:51 Tue 15th Jul 2008 | Religion & Spirituality
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Cardinal John Henry Newman is about to be beatified following acceptance by the Vatican that praying to him resulted in a miracle - a person was cured of a illness.. To reach sainthood a further miracle is required. Apparently England or maybe UK hasn't had a new saint since the reformation so this might be the only contender for a long time.

How is a miracle recognised and given the seal of authenticity. Was the investigation handled by the Inquisition in the past, requiring a devils advocate, what is the process now?


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The Scottish Jesuit St John Ogilvie was made a saint in October 1976 by Paul VI.

I imagine he intervened in a similarly convincing way to Newman. Ho hum.
Judging by the number of reports of weeping statues of the madonna, it seems there are a lot of people hungry for miracles.
If somebody in a wheelchair is lowered into the water at Lourdes, and they came out with new tyres, now that would be a miracle!
It would appear that the Roman Catholics have cornered the market for saints, and as a result, there is a thriving industry of icons depicting the said saints.
Padre Peo has been massed produced for years
I am praying to St. Anthony (finder for lost things) for an important lost document; so far, zilch! In fact the lost docs are now 2, so he has his work cut out!

St Anthony better hurry up else I will 'beat-ify' him!
Saint Michael blesses my underpants.
I love the way that Theland comes on and mocks dem dum cafflicks fo dem dum murrcles, yet is the first to ascribe simiarly vague incidents of coincidence, placebo effect and wishful thinking in his own life to his version of God.

It's equally stoopid, m'kay..?
No Waldo, God moves in mysterious ways..
I beleive that He is blessing me as we speak, with a new job, beyond my capacity, but with His strength, I will get through it.
Miracles are indeed real, but more subtle than new tyres on a wheelchair ...... in my experience.
I am open to persuasion.
Pope Paul VI made a whole rack (pardon the pun) of what were previiously called 'the English Martyrs' by catholics into saints. These were done at the same time as St John Ogilvie referred to by Waldo and include St Edmund Arrowsmith, St Thomas More etc - previously their title was 'Blessed' not saint.
The recognition of miracles and therefore being bumped up from Beatification to Sainthood is a rigorous process according to the Vatican, who collate, assess and preserve the evidence brought to their attention.
That is not however to say that the process is exempt from political influence, or that everything deemed mircaulous comes to the attention of the vatican.
Try this link for further info :

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From beatification to Sainthood

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