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True Blue 36 | 16:14 Tue 26th Jun 2007 | Religion & Spirituality
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I have never been christened and neither have my children. I got told that because of this my spirit would be lost forever when i die. Since then i can't stop thinking about it, i do believe in god but do not attend church. Is this true and does being christened make a difference - I want to go to heaven!


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It depends if you belive in a Christian God or not. A Christian one does seem to prefer a Christening - not sure if he will ban you outright or make you hang around in purgatory.
However if you choose a non Chritian God you will be fine. If you want to belive in the existence of only on God - then go for Allah, but if you are fine with there being many God's the Hindu religion offers you a wide choice.
Other people here may give you more definite answers so that you can make a more informed choice about whether a Christening service is a worthwhile investment or not.
We all want to go to heaven, but unfortunately it's extremely unlikely that either God or an afterlife exists anyway, and even if they do, the various religions can't even agree on what, if anything, you should do to get into heaven, and there's no way of knowing which if any is right. So live your life now and stop worrying about it.
If you believe all that nonsense then you have enough problems in this life without wondering about the alleged next one.
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i was bought up C of E. I attend a spiritualist church and do believe in life after death but i also believe that all gods to each religion are valid and probably one of the same only interprited differently (as languages are) by different countries.
its just one of those things that keeps coming back to me and i really don't want to pop off and have nowhere to go!
Well most religions are based on whether you're a good person through your life and not on whether some bloke in a penguine suit chucked some water when you're a kid... Ok, that's a little tongue in cheek but seriously, if you have faith then you must believe that whoever your God loves you for you and that you're a good person.

If you all get in to heaven just because you're baptized then there's one or two depots you'll also be meeting up there... Doesn't quite fit to my way of thinking.
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thank you china doll, i will stop worrying now as i know i am a very good girl and you have just made me feel much better x
Hello True Blue, The only reason you're worrying is because someone in the church, who in reality knows no more about it than anyone else, has planted the idea in your mind. The whole thing was invented by men, so it's not even worth thinking about. Absolute nonsense.
I wouldn't want to go to heaven - I'd be lonely, because all my mates would be in the other place.
Absolute rubbish. Whoever told you that should be hung drawn and quartered!!!

Even though I'm a Christian this is one of the reasons I rarely go to church - too many man made rules stopping ordinary people worship as God intended.

According to church law my husband shouldn't take communion as he hasn't been christened - just how wicked is that?

Church law is not biblical, so please don't worry True Blue you are is your spirit :-)
Cetti - as you may know I don't go along with your religion, and from the previous posts I've read of yours, I never thought I'd say this, but very well said.
Tru Blue - what fool told you that?
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thanks you have all made me feel so much better. I know that what i'm doing down hear is right so i will just keep on believing in what i do. As if i've not got enough to worry about - by the way it was a born again christian........................... need i say more.
Good grief!

I wouldn�t believe the whimsical sentiments of potential post-expiry destination or access by anyone other than St Peter himself, and only then after I have chained myself to the pearly white gates and waved a placard!

True Blue, I am sure that you will go wherever you want to be. But in the mean time, enjoy life.
Please don't judge all Christians with your experience True Blue.

Out of a few million there are bound to be a few odd bods - most of us are actually not too bad....and almost normal ;-)
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Mani, all the people that have been baptised and haved sinned - are they going to heaven?
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God will judge us by what we ourselves know in our hearts to be right or wrong, and what agrees or disagrees with our consciences.
So, we all read the scriptures. Then one person really believes that babtism is essential and right. It is, for him or her. Another person reads the same scriptures and then believes that it is only an outward sign, and not essential, so for him or her it is not. It is what is in the heart that counts.

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