Have other planets discovered religion?

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naomi24 | 10:13 Mon 05th Mar 2007 | Religion & Spirituality
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A hypothetical question - or maybe not - but a look at the bigger picture nonetheless. Since science now seems to believe there's an abundance of intelligent life in the vastness of space, if god created the whole universe, does Christian doctrine apply to the inhabitants of other planets too? If the only course for redemption of sin is through Christ, has god shown his love for all he's created by sending his son to be executed on each and every planet in order to save souls - or are we just the lucky ones?


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Naomi - Firstly your BBC story was about one planet. The 130 have never been observed, just assumed from the behaviour of certain stars.
And as I said they were unsure how to class Pluto, how can they be any more accurate about something so much further away??

Science is progressing. It used to believe the earth was flat, (of course God had already revealed to the Bible writers millenia before that it is was round).
It discovered germs in the 1800's and the neccessity to wash to prevent them, (of course God had already commanded the Jews the importance of cleaniness and washing).
It discovered air currents and jet streams, (of course God's Word had already talked about the 'circuits' the winds follow).

True, proper science is not against the Bible, it is very much compatible. It is only the unobserved, untestable claims of evolution etc that try to pit science against the Bible.

As for my family and enjoying the benefits of science, yes we do. And marvel greatly at the ingenuity and talent of those scientists/inventors that brought us great things. (Incidently, what great things or benefit has evolutionary science brought to mankind??)

You might like to note that great names in science, such as Newton, Pasteur, Faraday etc, believed in a Creator, and didn't one bit hamper their proper scientific investigations.
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Lighter, you said that no planets outside our solar system had been found, and the website told you that's incorrect - and now you don't believe in the laws of physics? I've never said I don't believe in a creator - I don't know how the universe was created, and neither do you, but if there is a creator I don' t believe he is the god of the bible. From biblical accounts I believe he was more likely to be someone from a more advanced civilisation - and that may have been a civilisation on earth or from somewhere else.

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Have other planets discovered religion?

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