Have other planets discovered religion?

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naomi24 | 10:13 Mon 05th Mar 2007 | Religion & Spirituality
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A hypothetical question - or maybe not - but a look at the bigger picture nonetheless. Since science now seems to believe there's an abundance of intelligent life in the vastness of space, if god created the whole universe, does Christian doctrine apply to the inhabitants of other planets too? If the only course for redemption of sin is through Christ, has god shown his love for all he's created by sending his son to be executed on each and every planet in order to save souls - or are we just the lucky ones?


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Hello Theland, I think to some degree you may be right but the great mystery is and will probably always be, a great mystery because who created the creator?
Question Author
Hi Theland, I imagine they would still have the problem of where did it all come from in the beginning, but if there is an overall creator, as Luna says, who created the creator? The 64,000 dollar question and I don't expect we'll ever know for sure. It's fascinating trying to find the answers to all these things though. Curiouser and curiouser!

And speaking of curiosity, what would your answer to the question be?
God only knows! (or maybe not) :0)
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Luna, I can understand people's fears too. Having the courage to climb out of a comfort zone isn't easy.

I'm sure some people who tell tales of UFOs, ghosts and other unexplained occurrences, do make stories up. I once knew a farmer who produced a crop circle in his field and then charged people to come and look at it (what a rogue!), so these things do happen. However, I think more people put themselves at risk of ridicule by telling the truth, and therefore it's not always easy for them to talk about what they've seen I've seen things I can't explain, and there's no reason to believe that your lady invented her story. As you say, why should she?
I wouldn't be surprised if you went onto a website strictly for the subjects we've mentioned that there would be a larger percentage of stories made up but still interesting no doubt. The first time I saw a U.F.O. I was excited but at the same time apprehensive about discussing it with anyone, fearful of ridicule and guess what?
Because I was interested in the subject anyway they assumed I was just playing to a fantasy.
Then after that the X-Files programme started on T.V. everyone was talking about aliens, U.F.O's and the like.
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Luna, I think you're right about the websites - there is a lot of nonsense on them.

The number of people who denounce the whole idea of unexplained phenomenon and then avidly watch something like the X-Files, never ceases to amaze me! They must have some sort of interest in the subject, otherwise why would they watch?

I'm reluctant to discuss things I know nothing about - but then I'll admit I don't know anything about it. The other thing I hesitate to talk about is the theory that the 'gods' weren't really gods, because most people have never thought about it, and often are not open-minded enough to even consider the possibility. Consequently they instantly dismiss it as a 'crackpot' idea, so it's not worth the effort of trying to discuss it with them.
I know what you mean.The first time I said to someone," If Jesus was a true story then maybe the star above his cot wasn't really a star at all-but a U.F.O. and he was one of them"(pointing to the sky).
The reply was,"Don't be stupid !"
And this person was a devout church-goer.
So it was mad for me to think that but okay for them to pray to something they'd never seen.
That seems fair?
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Sounds about par for the course to me, Luna!
Who created the Creator?
That's like asking "Who is the bachelor married to?"
God is His own cause and effect. He simply, IS, as his name, "I AM," implies.
He created time, and we exist within it, and so what does not make sense to us, as created beings, is of no consequence to God.
Your pet dog or cat may seriously believe that there are real people inside that box in the corner of your living room, and you just smile and say, "Yeah", because you are such a higher being than your pet dog or cat.
You possibly make the mistake of not fully appreciating the infinite power and wisdom of God, who is eternal.
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Theland, who created god was only an incidental topic of conversation on this thread. What would your answer to the original question be?
"Science believes" is a well worn phrase, and scientists are great at the most astonishing feats of speculation, this being a case in point.
I personally do not believe they will ever find any evidence of life, except here on earth, and my, how they've tried.
God created the stars after He created the earth, and they were created to demonstrate His power and glory, and also for us, by which to measure times and seasons. Incredible isn't it?
Question Author
Theland, 'Incredible isn't it?' Now, not that I want to undermine your belief in any way, as you know, but no, it's not incredible - it's completely potty!

As for science, with our very young technology, it's hardly dipped a toe in in real terms, so I wouldn't say 'my how they've tried'. At a conservatve estimate it's thought that if only one planet in every billion is capable of producing life, then there are around 10 billion such planets out there. That's an awful lot of planets, so why should this insignificant minor speck in the vastness of space be singled out by this miraculous creator?

You just have to be winding us up. You can't possibly be serious with this one. Go on, tell us. You're Wizard in disguise aren't you? :o)
naomi24 - Gosh! Me Wizard? And I thought he was Noxlumos. Cor! This is like a "Whodunnit?" or rather, "Whoareyer!"
I think I'm me, at least I was this morning.
No, seriously, they can speculate all they like, about what they might find, with the technology that they might invent ....
Calling all logicians - there is not any proof of life, "out there" .... is there?

Question Author
Theland, I think it's far more likely that life will be found in space than your god being found anywhere. Calling all logicians - is there any proof of god out there?
<<Since science now seems to believe there's an abundance of intelligent life in the vastness of space>>

If a man says he believes in God 'scientists' come down on him like a down of bricks asking where's his proof. But it's alright for them to believe the above without a single shred of evidence? Huh!

<<At a conservatve estimate it's thought that if only one planet in every billion is capable of producing life, then there are around 10 billion such planets out there>>

Firstly scientists determined the probability of life first evolving here on earth to be 1 x 10^4000, which is, pardoning the pun, pretty astonomical odds.
Secondly, and I may be wrong here, but to my knowledge they are yet to discover a planet outside of this solar system.
(I mean they can't even be sure if Pluto is a planet or not, and that's own their own galactic 'backdoor' !)

As Theland said, God created the stars etc after the earth, and they were for our benefit to tell times and seasons.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork." Psalm 19:1
Question Author
Lighter, Science is progress - it's learning - and yet you say it hasn't a clue about when life on earth first evolved - but apparently you do. Right!

You only have to look at the past 50 years to know that we would be much poorer without scientific progress ,and try as you might to cling to antiquated dogma, you can't deny that. I'll bet you and your family are happy to take advantage of the progress of science when you're ill - or when you want to fly off on holiday. And yet the mere suggestion that we insignificant ants on this tiny speck on the edge of a minor galaxy in the vastness of space aren't the only beings in the universe gets your hackles up. What makes you think we're so special? A series of texts written in ancient times by superstitous men who didn't understand what they were seeing?

For once you are right - you're wrong about the discovery of planets outside our solar system. Here's a BBC link - m - which says that 130 planets have been discovered - and the website was last updated in 2005, so perhaps there are more now. Sorry, it's getting late and I couldn't be bothered to search for more up to date information, so this will have to suffice. Our technlogy is young yet, so like it or not, more will be discovered in the future.

I've been down the road of religion, and I've studied ancient documents for years, including the bible, with a completely open mind, without outside influence, and without reference to anyone else, which is probably more than can be said for you, and that's why I've come to the conclusion that the bible is an historical document rather than a religious one, so it does no good at all to quote biblical texts to me. It means absolutely nothing.

I don't know how the universe was created - and neither does anyone else, including you. Ther
I get the feeling that even if NASA or whoever found actual beings on other planets(and they may have already) they probably wouldn't tell us until years later.
I don't know if it's true but didn't one or more of the astronauts(that's a fancy description); while bouncing around on the moon say they saw craft on the horizon.
That would really be a downer:-
"One small step, Oh [email protected]! there's somebody already up here".
Question Author
Hi Luna, that's funny! Can you imagine them actually saying that?!!! What a furore that would have caused!

There are lots of accounts of our astronauts coming across things they couldn't explain whilst in space. By the very nature of their jobs, they have to be intelligent, so you can't help wondering what they've seen, can you?
What they may of seen and what they were allowed to say about it at the time were two very different things.
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Luna, you're probably right. There's a lot that's not made known. There are lots of websites on the subject, but I think you have to be a bit choosy in sorting out the recorded stuff from reputable agencies from the crackpot variety - and there are plenty of those around too!

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