Fairy Story Witch Banned By Faith School

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naomi24 | 10:40 Mon 23rd May 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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Amid fears a children's fantasy novel featuring magic and cups of tea could promote witchcraft, children's author, Andy Sagar, has been banned from reading his book at a London faith school.

Harry Potter went the same way in some faith schools - even though it's a wonderful tale of love conquering evil and a far superior moral guide than the books of faith the religious venerate.

These nincompoops clearly believe in something more than their religion. What say you?


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storm in a tea-cup?
'Faith school'?

Help please.
I think the 'witchcraft' excuse is a smoke-screen. They probably didn't realise the author is gay and when they found out...............
Question Author
//'Faith school'?

Help please. //

Pass. They don't say which flavour of faith.
This book was named Children's Book of the week by the Sunday Times, just last month. Must be quite a good read for a child. Wonder what the parent's thoughts are?
the author should consider himself lucky - his book would probably have plummeted into relative obscurity without this. Now he has people going out and buy it "in solidarity" apparently. i reckon it's a ploy by the publisher? handy they don't name the school ...
Question Author
Doubt it, bednobs. As Ken said //This book was named Children's Book of the week by the Sunday Times, just last month.//
maybe, maybe not. I see a "publishing source" has managed to make a comment - wonder whose?
Naomi, do you deliberately look for stories which seem,, on the face of it, to be examples of the collapse of T western society?
Roman Catholics, bunch of fun sponges.
Question Author
A Roman Catholic school is my instinct too: I wonder if those doing the banning have read any of the books that alarm them so? Doubt it.
It is RC, they give the school name in the article. Religionists do have a problem distinguishing fact books from fiction books so not really surprising in that sense.
Question Author
archibaldy, that was a different school that banned an author because a character in his book was gay.
Aah yes thanks for pointing that out Naomi, I didn't realise that was about another story.
Question Author
You're welcome.
Not a problem with C.S. Lewis films been shown over the years here.
But there wouldnt be, as C.S. Lewis was a christian.
His books/films show magical lands, talking animals, other dimensions etc.

Harry potter shows magical lands, talking animals, other dimensions etc and is demonised.

Go figure the reasoning
Ive read all the Harry Potter books and seen all the Harry Potter films.
Ive read C. S. Lewis and seen all of the Narnia Chronicles.
I fail to see the difference between them?

All fantasy, all entertaining (to me at least, its all subjective)
Think we have all just entered the Twilight Zone......
I dont have an issue with magic in childrens' books and Harry Potter. Fantasy is a big part of a child's life, but I dont see that a school is obliged to invite all and sundry onto its premises.
fiveleaves; Which all and sundry should be banned from schools? Perhaps an all and sundry which promoted unsubstantiated claims to truth would be reasonable, but surely not the exposure to openly fictional stories?

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Fairy Story Witch Banned By Faith School

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