Extreme Weather—Can The Bible Help You To Cope?

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goodlife | 10:24 Wed 23rd Feb 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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Proverbs 22:3 Says The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences.

kjv says A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.


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//But the Bible was not written for nothing it was written for people who want God's rule and tells us what to do, is to love him and show that we love him. That's not too much to ask, is it?//

Love him? I don't even like him! Dreadful creature!
Don't know about the bible helping to cope with extreme weather but i was in a bookstore once and there was a book i just couldn't quite reach. The bible came in very handy on that occasion.
A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself

The rain it raineth on the just
And also on the unjust fella
But mostly on the just because
The unjust steals the just's umbrella.
//Love him? I don't even like him! Dreadful creature!//

As a teenage Christian (over 45 yrs ago) I just couldn't equate reading
the Bible with what I was been taught in church. Tried to.

Many years later I realised that Christians believed the Bible....atheists actually read it!

The God depicted therin is indeed 'dreadful'
if only beliviers read the damn thing???
Ive known Christians (of the born again, evangelical type) that have been Christians for 40+yrs and not one of them has read their holy text book through. Why?
It takes only an hour a day to read it through in a year?
I can not speak for others reasons for not reading the Bible from cover to cover but I found it to be mind numbingly incomprehensible for page one.
//Extreme Weather—Can The Bible Help You To Cope?//

Coming home from work tonight, it was torrential.
Managed to cover my head in an opened Bible, so yes it can help!
Still a bit wet, but it helped, thanks.
// The Bible wont help but a coat, scarf and hat will.//
foo ! someone done it before me

the bible aint much good as a draft excluder - - OR
put it against the door it wont do much to keep a flood out
A print run of the bible in the late 70s mistakenly included a Readers Digest chapter on stormproofing at the end so yes, in some cases it can help.
// incomprehensible for page one.//
FROM page one
FROM page one

no wonder you found it incomprehensible

Didja catch it this afternoon - what on EARTH are you talking about quips stuck up missy - ? The viddie of the Hungarian shelter giver, who offered his home to a Ukrainian refugee. The godless Beeb reporter said, " and an open Bible on the table - open at 1 Corinthians"

1 Corinthian - early Paul epistle - mentioned by all the early commentators -so it was in the Canon of books from the earliest times., around 50AD. The epistle mostly deals with problems at Corinth, but Chap 15 - Paul writes of the theology of the resurrection - 1C 15 55 - O grave where is thy sting, Oh Death where is thy victory ?

Clever dat - to get it past the atheists at the beeb. ( 1000 ABers squawk loudly about its irrelevance to deff in ukraine as we speak )
The Nardy Bible had a mistake - Thou shalt commit adultery

Printer had his ears cut off and nose pierced.

1631 Wicked Bible - an edition of the Bible produced in 1631 with the misprinted commandment ‘thou shalt commit adultery’.
from wiki predictably
// The bible came in very handy on that occasion.//

yeah for insolent children- you read them a bit ( of the bible silly) if as an Aber you can read that is!
and then hit them with it
//O grave where is thy sting, Oh Death where is thy victory ?//

No wonder you found it comprehensible.
The first part is a misquote of a fundraiser for miners at Orgreave starring The Police where the lead singer was late
christ - where were you during RE at skool

Chap 15 - resurrection boys and gurlz and so - - - there is something after death - er resurrection that is! - hence Death where is thy sting etc
Latins AD 50 thought - death and that was it.....

I think this is a wind up- - is there meant to be an "in" in front of comprehensible?
// The first part is a misquote of a fundraiser//
you mean the early translators - Tyndale and Miles Coverdale (1540s) got it wrong and it should be

O mine! where is thy coal? - - yeah OK if you say so - I am Mr Nice this evg
I'm not wetting myself with laughter, it's a Noahesque flood. New trousers on your nickel please.
erm interesting idea
if you mention Noah's flood a lot
then it never occurred?
surely shome mistake?

I dont think the Bible is intended to be like an issue of the Readers Digest, read once and pass onto something else

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Extreme Weather—Can The Bible Help You To Cope?

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