If You Had A Choice …

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naomi24 | 18:12 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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…. of living for eternity on a perfect earth inhabited by Jehovah’s Witnesses (which is what they expect to do) or the oblivion of death which would you choose?


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Oblivion. It sounds quicker than being bored to death.
"perfect earth inhabited by Jehovah's Witnesses" Is that what they call an oxymoron?
That's the great dichotomy. A heaven full of Christians would be hell for me!
tough one! It depends on whose definition of "perfect" - if I can define my own then great otherwise I suspect the JW version of Perfection is worse than the oblivion of death.
It's pretty selective though, Naomi.
JWs believe that a chosen number of only 144,00 prefect souls shall rule the Earth.
Everyone else will have to wait until Armageddon, after which there'll be a bit of a tidy-up, and the newly cleansed and resurrected (if chosen) will serve the 144,000.

Somehow, I don't think the likes of me will be given the opportunity.
But if I were, I'd give it a shot ;o)
^^^ 144,000 perfect souls
Oblivion thanks - based on what I see of JH's on here!
Question Author
Builder, I think that’s the number going to heaven - and most are already there… allegedly.

The rest will reside on a perfect earth free of all the nasties - disease and other human beings among them.
You know when Jean-Paul Sartre said "Hell is other people ..." - do you think he had just shut the door on ... you know who???
"The rest will reside on a perfect earth free of all the nasties"

What will they do then?
Depends on who gets to define what "perfect" is. If it's me I'd give it a go, if it's them then no thanks.
If I was going to live forever I would prefer to be a vampire.
If only people would stop, stand still for a moment, focus and analyse their situation openly and honestly I believe the truth of their folly would cascade over them leaving the world a better place.

Not much chance of it though, too many loonies.
Sorry, oblivion please.
As TTT says it depends on the definition of perfect. If its being supplied with endless beer and women then yup I'm up for eternity, however I suspect that is not what is meant so I'll take the oblivion option. I've already got the Uber booked to Beelzebub's gaff anyway. Nice and warm there I hear.
Yes, I think you're right Naomi.
I must admit to being a tad confused over this when I asked one of them about it.
They did say that the "cleansed" left on Earth shall serve the "preferred". Though how that works out when they're in completely different places....... I've no idea.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be allowed on the JW version of Earth, as I would be the imperfection.

Looks like it's the void for me.

I once spent an evening on Glasgow road in Paisley.
It was the nearest thing to oblivion I've ever experienced ;o)
Pah! You need to try Paisley Road West in Glasgow for the full effect. :-)
And you might bump into our First Miniature doing her constituency rounds while you're at it.
Thought to ponder.

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