How Is It Possible For A Mere Human To ‘Bless God’s Name?

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goodlife | 10:32 Sat 15th Jan 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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Well, among other things, to bless someone means to speak well of him.

What’s the benefit? The contrast between faithful servants of God and those in Satan’s world is becoming more pronounced with the passage of time. Malachi 3:18 foretold: “You people will again certainly see the distinction between a righteous one and a wicked one, between one serving God and one who has not served him.


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Ah bless.
One serving God:

I'll take my chances with less devious villains.
That won't wash with Goodlife. He's a Jehovah's Witness which means that anyone who isn't is a baddie anyway.

Goodlife, do you think you ought to start learning how to be meek instead of arrogant? You're not going to end up where you expect to if you don't, you know - Jesus said so - and if you're to be believed your time is short. Just trying to help.
Goodlife - you don't actually want a response because you routinely ignore any that you receive.

Since you are only interested in what you think, why waste time asking anyone else.
More preaching than asking questions, Andy. In my mere human opinion, of course.
Ken - Less an opinion than a simple fact.
-- answer removed --
Question Author
I can see why your are not blessed, you are poor lot.
Ooo …. Judging now. You’re really pushing your luck, Goodlife.
Oh dear, Ol' Fire and Brimstone is at it again I see...

Who are calling a "mere" human punk? Do ya feel lucky?
And the meek shall inherit the earth ...

Bad luck goodlife!!!
Question Author
Well, I'm not, GL. Would praying have been more effective? Were all the survivors JWs?
Question Author
You're missing the whole point,if I told you wouldn't believe me.
Don't bother then, save us all some time.

But you will, you can't help yourself.

Preaching and sneering are in your DNA.
//How Is It Possible For A Mere Human To ‘Bless God’s Name?//
In the same way that its possible to bless a meal
Its compete boll0CK S!
The food is no diffferent afterwards as before,
A mash potatoe is still the same mash potatoe as before.
Bless it all you want
//You're missing the whole point,if I told you wouldn't believe me.//

I thought your lot were all about saving people's souls? Not up to it then?
He or Her as in 'someone,' can just open his mouth, goodlife - not one of your better utterings! Now kindly go and consult with the Tower.

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How Is It Possible For A Mere Human To ‘Bless God’s Name?

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