The Most Irritating Misconceptions About Atheists?

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Evan2020 | 08:24 Wed 03rd Nov 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Atheists, of the many misconceptions believers have about atheists, what are some that you experienced directly in interactions with believers that were especially irritating?


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well you are certainly asking in the right place
AB is FULL of irritating misconceptions - which are held - nay clung onto - (*) despite logic and fact to the contrary

(*) as a drowning man clings onto flotsam
The biggest misconceptions are the ones you seem to have - that all atheists have the same opinions; they all have the same beliefs and they all treat everyone the same.
I am a Christian and am irritated by some atheists, not necessarily because of anything they say in respect of religion and faith but I get on fine with the majority of atheists that I know - mutual respect goes a long way.
Question Author
Oh no I am aware that not all atheists have the same opinions and beliefs and treat everyone the same way. How did I seem like that?
I'm not sure believers have any 'misconceptions' about atheists - they believe, atheists don't, it's not complicated enough for 'misconceptions' to occur, unless you go looking for them.

It's like taking offence, seek and ye shall find as the saying has it.
Many people of religion harbour suspicion about atheists. For one thing they often feel, quite wrongly, that atheism equates to a dearth of moral standards, empathy, compassion and altruism. Upon an atheist revealing the horrible truth to a person of religion It's not unknown for the cloud of mistrust to descend upon the latter's features - and rapidly. It seems difficult for believers to comprehend that others can and do live perfectly respectable and successful lives without religion. It doesn't irritate me. I find it sad.
Peter Pedant 'AB is FULL of irritating misconceptions - which are held - nay clung onto - (*) despite logic and fact to the contrary'

As an aside, is it a waste of time developing a SatNav for Flat Earthers?

Similarly God and Robots..
( )
Irritatingly to some atheists it appears science/technology only end up making things worse, but then as an agnostic I'm not so sure.
naomi - // It seems difficult for believers to comprehend that others can and do live perfectly respectable and successful lives without religion. //

Your point chimes deeply with me because the major overriding problem I have always had with Christians, is their default sense of moral superiority, to which they wrongly believe their faith entitles them.

There is the unspoken, and occasionally spoken attitude that they have something that I need, and I am therefore lacking as a person because I don't have it.

I find that level of arrogance to be suffocating, and I have bashed heads with the fervents on here over that very point for decades.

Of course, that level of smugness shields them from even the vague possibility that they may actually be wrong.

I don't mind anyone seeing anything at all differently from me - but I seriously mind their attitude that because their view is different from mine, theirs is automatically the right one, and I am to be gently pitited for not agreeing with it.
Nothing bothers me. It's generally the extremists that develop misconceptions or dont want to listen or accept the other persons view (on both sides of a debate) and I couldnt give a monkeys about them.

If you want to believe then do so, just dont belittle those who have chosen differently.

Is your surname Jelical?
My most dramatic moment of enlightenment came when upon acknowledging I did not believe in 'God' I was immediately declared a Hitler sympathiser. Speaking of disbelief I was all like, "what - huh?" although I instinctively knew in an instant there was no point in attempting to challenge a point of view in which they were so obviously deeply emotionally invested.
the most common misconception is that atheism is a belief.
Everyone in the world started as an atheist. Their society, parents, etc brainwashed them with whatever flavour of fairy tales they subscribed to. .....and so it goes on, this cobras pervades and pollutes our progression.
To me, the most irritating religionists' view of atheism is that it is itself a religion, or consists of a system of beliefs.

This is clearly a misconception, but I guess it is the most that can be comprehended by the weaker-minded who need an emotional crutch in order to survive the lesser-attractive side of Reality.
well parroted canary! (see what I did there?)
I have never had an issue conversing sensibly with atheists, we are all people and able to talk intelligently.

What I do have an issue with is when ridicule creeps in as it often does here - with talk of fairies,unicorns etc etc

I have never met anyone in real life who approaches the topic like that, only ever seen it online.
I would guess you are party to discussion about religion far more on-line than in real life, mamyalynne. I know I am.
As a teenage/20ish, evangelical , transitioning towards atheism (or at the least, doubt, about my brainwashing), the most irritating thing was been told that I didn't understand the Bible.

As an avid reader, I think I understood that book of filth more
more than my pastor than he did (who, incidentally, kicked me out of his church for a few months for daring to question the 'Scriptures')

He eventually resigned because he was caught out in a 'compromising' situation.

The same Pastor who excommunicated me for 3 months for asking questions about the bible was having it away with someone elses wife at the time.

Atheism is nothing more than asking you to provide evidence for your beliefs.

Lately that is true Naomi.
// Oh no I am aware that not all atheists have the same opinions//
dont they all have same core opinion ?

misconception.... they all think they dont have to read the bible before they say it is crap ....

clearly I am not thinking about this guy

who became an atheist over the problem of pain apparently
//The Most Irritating Misconceptions About Atheists?//
The number one thing for me is that Atheists have no morals.

If YOU need a book/religious guide to tell you thats its wrong to kill/rape/steal from someone, then its You that has a problem!
Not atheists.
// we are all people and able to talk intelligently.//

yikes whatever makes you think that? I have been banned from collecting and ridiculing the weeks worst non sequiturs and clarifications which are in fact the opposite to the initial statement.

it is obvious that in discussing 'the end of times' ( eschatology ) that no one has read Revelations .....

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The Most Irritating Misconceptions About Atheists?

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