Are There Any Apathiests Here?

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Evan2020 | 22:56 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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There is a lesser known term for someone who doesn’t care whether God exists or not called an apatheist. I have never met anyone that was that, but just wondering if there are any on here and if anyone here knows that term?


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There may be - I like this quote on apatheism from Diderot.

"It is very important not to mistake hemlock for parsley, but to believe or not believe in God is not important at all."
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Good quote. Are you apatheist Mamyalynne?
No Evan.
Question Author
Ok me neither.
It sounds like a label invented by people with an unjustified sense of self-importance, for the benefit of others with the same problem.
one of the govt doctors was gormless enough to go out with a mad friend and consume hedge veg
and ended up on dialysis for three weeks

( twenty years ago) - I cant recollect this happening ( recently ) over God

yeah yeah: St Joan: do you still hear voices?
st Joan for it is she - yeah
judge at rennes - let her fry !

evan started it with apatheist
loosen up and have a cuppa coffee Andie
jesus I cant be fagged to answer
Poor PP must be feeling a bit apathetic! :-)
If there are then I doubt you are going to find them in R&S.

Actually I'd say that there are millions of people out there who don't give it a seconds thought from one year to the next.
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Archibaldy why wouldn’t they be in religion & spirituality?
It was a half joke but I’d assume a section on religion isn’t the place where someone who doesn’t think about the existence of god is likely to bother posting.
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True makes sense.
Is there a lesser-known term for someone who doesn't care whether Allah exists? Or Buddha? Or Krishna? Or Jehovah? Or the Flying Spaghetti Monster?
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Not that I know of JimF. Apatheism can capture them all. It means you don’t care if God or gods exist.
// Apatheism can capture them all. It means you don’t care if God or gods exist. //

If Any God wants me to have a relationship with him/her/it,
then it is up to that god to reveal themself to me.
Not the other way round.

Up until that moment i remain an atheist.
"Live and let live." -Nailit 04.11.21

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Are There Any Apathiests Here?

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