Coming To The Hearer Of Prayer?

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goodlife | 11:28 Sat 25th Sep 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Prayer has become very popular. There are now prayer hours, prayer days, prayer weeks, prayer months, prayer years.

Yes,Pressures and problems are multiplying in these “last days,” marked by “critical times hard to deal with.” (2 Timothy 3:1) And trials can easily preoccupy our minds. Our incessant prayers, however, will help you to keep your live on a spiritual course despite persistent problems, temptations, and discouragement.


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i have a few problems with your post. Firstly what does your question mean "coming to the hearer of prayer?" ??
secondly if your incessant prayers are keeping me on a spritiual course, great, thanks!
thirdly, i personally thought prayer was becoming less popular in an increasingly secular society?
My problem with your quotations is where you state that in these "last days" (do you mean the present time?) there are "critical times hard to deal with".

Is this an assumption that there never were critical times hard to deal with until the present time?

History is full of critical times hard to deal with and the world has continued to turn.

Why should the present critical times be any different?
//Yes,Pressures and problems are multiplying in these “last days,”//

Last days?
Is that like the last days when Jehovhas Witnesses predicted the second coming/end of the world in
20th century (Year unknown by now, but in your publications, none the less)

Now in 21st century and still waiting.
Revelation 22:12-13...
''Behold, I am coming soon''

God appears to have a very different idea of coming soon than we mortals have!!!

Waits for 2 Peter 3:8 to be quoted while completely ignoring the above failed prophecies!!!!
Question Author
So Nailit if you want to understand time there are several ways, first find out some things about time (1) How it moves; (2) how to measure it; (3) how to calculate it. But is there anything about time we do not know and cannot know?
Yes, we do not know where time began and where it is going throughout eternity. Only Jehovah possesses such knowledge at present, so you should not concern ourselves about it.

You would be like the ant trying to understand man’s beginning and God’s purpose in putting humans on earth. Such knowledge is far beyond the comprehension of that small ant.

One fact for Christians is that the Bible is the only record that accurately lists all the periods of time back to the creation of man, and even beyond.

No other document does this. That is why true Christians can have such confidence in all matters of Bible prophecy that contain time features. Jehovah is the Great Timekeeper. He has a set time for every purpose.
When he promises a new world we can rejoice, exactly on time, such prophecies will be fulfilled.

True worshipers today do not have the anxiety, for they know that their God, Jehovah, is guiding them in paths of righteousness, and that he tells them in advance what to expect and when to expect it. As Amos 3:7 states: “The Lord Jehovah will not do a thing unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants the prophets.
Nailit your knowledge is very little.
"....back to the creation of man, and even beyond"

How old do you think the earth is, goodlife?
Question Author
It is wise to believe everything we read in the news, it does not follow that there is nothing we can trust. The key may be to have a healthy skepticism, while keeping an open mind.
The Bible says: “Does not the ear itself test out words as the palate tastes food?” (Job 12:11)
Not if you choose to hear only what you want to hear.
Question Author
millions of years.
Question Author
Very true.
Prayers make people feel good, nothing wrong with that.

But when it gives you a superiority complex, that's a problem.
And now your eyes too are deceiving you, Goodlife.
Have you ever considered the possibility that you may be brainwashed????

Your reply to me follows exactly the same formula that ALL religionists give....
Whether its fundementalist christians, Mormons, Scientologists, or Islamists.

You totally ignore what has been presented to you and go straight into defence mode.
Nailit, I presume they are bots. And not very good ones. Maybe best to ignore.
//Maybe best to ignore//
Beginning to think that you may be right....
Had multiple experiences/conversations with them online and off line
and they are just so immersed in JW doctrine as to be unreachable, (brainwashed)
So sad, they really are brainwashed. So unable to think for themselves...

so sad....
Having said that,
Not unlike the Catholic Church that forbid its members to actually read the Bible and had Wyciffe burned at the stake for daring to translate it into English.

Almost as if the clergy were afraid of the commoner reading the filth for themselves...
Question Author
The people most easily brainwashed is the “normal,” average individual. Such a one is already conditioned to accept opinions of others rather than to form strong convictions of his own. On the other hand, those hardest to brainwash are ones with unconventional ideas and strong convictions and who are not afraid of what others think.
// Such a one is already conditioned to accept opinions of others rather than to form strong convictions of his own.//

Where did your ideas come from, goodlife? Be honest now. They're not all your own work, are they.
Question Author
No revelation 1 verse 3 said it all.
//On the other hand, those hardest to brainwash are ones with unconventional ideas and strong convictions and who are not afraid of what others think//

I.E The brainwashed...

Those that refuse to think about alternatives etc.
I GENUINELY feel for those trapped in cultic doctrine...because I was once as well...
Its a hard one to get by.

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