I've Been To Church Today.

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Theland | 20:30 Sun 25th Jul 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Having been disappointed in the past from unbiblical teaching from the Church Of England and a Gospel Hall, my sins have been weighing heavy on me lately, and I felt the need for Christian community.
So, today I attended a local Evangelical church.
I enjoyed it and was made very welcome.
This could be my spiritual home for the future.
Do any of you have any thoughts on Evangelical churches?


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I don't really follow your rationale, Atheist. I had hoped the scriptures would speak for themselves. Those who say there is no God are making a patently foolish statement. Denying His existence is about as foolish as it gets. But despite our foolishness, God gives us multiple chances throughout life to turn from our ways and find full forgiveness,...
21:55 Sun 25th Jul 2021
//To what end? //
I wonder that myself sometimes Theland!

You seem to have your own set of beliefs (Bet it wont be long before you reject your current church for being blasphemous or something)

Let us know when you have a 'Real church community' that you relate to.
Your problem is Theland, is that you are trying to have a Bible based belief but fail to recognise that there is no bible based belief.
The bible is made up of dozens of different theologies (depending upon who's writtings you appeal to)
Hence hundreds (if not thousands) of different interpretations of the message of the bible....

And within that millui itself, there are hundreds of different interpretations.
Its a minefield that cant be comprehended.
Added to that, Jesus said that his parables were uttered so that people would NOT understand his words.
The human heart is deceitful above all things.
God sends deceitful spirits to people.
lucifer appears as an angel of light.

There no way of telling (according to the bible) that you
are saved or not.

Question Author
Then from what I have learned from my bibles, I am saved, and wish the same for others too.
Its not called, ''The Good News,'' for nothing.
If sycophancy is the price for redemption I’ll take my chances with the other lot, thanks. My moral code wouldn’t allow me to condone such cruel selfishness.
Question Author
Your moral code is a human construct that works well for you but is anchored on nothing.
You have no idea about my moral code but be assured its not anchored to selfishness, cruelty and sycophancy as yours is, theland. I’m better than that.
Question Author
Then your moral code as I stated, is a human construct and works depending on its popularity.
There are no absolutes to support it.
What on earth are you talking about?
How do you KNOW that your moral code is?

*What* your moral code is...
Question Author
Moral absolutes.
What is a moral absolute?
Question Author
A moral code based on the absolute authority of God, and not some dynamic version that changes over time.
But of course if you don't believe in God then you will also reject His authority.
That's my final word on the subject.
I certainly reject his morality - if that's what you call it!
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Fair enough.
//A moral code based on the absolute authority of God, and not some dynamic version that changes over time.//

So is homosexuality a sin?
The OT demands that homosexuals be stoned to death and the NT regards them as worthy of death.
The book of Revelations tells us that they are left outside, (IE, Hell) along with murderers, occultists, drug users and idol worshippers.
(Rev 22:15)

I suspect that you may interpret this verse in a way that suits you?

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