The Jews In Prophecy.

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Theland | 00:35 Sun 25th Jul 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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The bible explains Gods dealings with the Jews from their father Abraham right up to the present day.
Whether they like it or not that are Gods witness to the world.
Searching the scriptures reveals the truth or falsity of the prophecies concerning the Jews.
This is something lost on the mainstream churches.
If you doubt this will you check the evidence for yourself?


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Lobstrosities are bizarre creatures that live on the beaches of Western World. They look like a cross between scorpions and giant lobsters, measuring about 4 feet long x 1 and a half foot wide, with sharp serrated beaks and eyes on stalks.
From one work of fiction to another.
Father Abraham? Are you talking about Jews or Smurfs?
// earching the scriptures reveals the truth or falsity of the prophecies concerning the Jews.//

lost to the mainstream churches as it is complete rubbish ....
covered in your discussions of the NT - acts contains the results of the First Council -is christianity a separate religion
answer yes

truth or falsity of prophecy for the jews in the OT has been irrelevant to Christians for around 2000 y

which you kinda really knew from before
Question Author
Not so Peter.
What 'evidence' would you like us to check?
Although the Bible begins being about the whole world, the vast majority of the Old Testament is about the Jews and Israel with the rest of the world barely getting a look in.
Jesus ushered in the Church Age, which Christians now live in and will soon come to an end. After that it will all be about Israel again.
// What 'evidence' would you like us to check?//
not helpful as ever
Probably "if you really dont shape up - the Babylonians will come and enslave you !" - Jeremiah

OT is not prophetic -we all know this. Ruth (book of , that is!) doesnt prophesy bagga all .
The OT isnt a prequel to the NT - we all know this although I admit in the sixteenth century the idea was the opposite - every event in the OT foretold the events as recorded in the New

which only goes to show we interpret the scriptures according to the times

This is like the Book of Groundhog - including the snappy one liner put downs from the usual suspects

parce domine populo tuo

(parco+abl yeah yeah I know just dont say)

Poor peter pedant. Always wanting more from me than my one liners - and who can blame him? The secret of success is always to leave the audience wanting more. It’s where you go wrong, old bean. ;o)
I wonder if anybody on here understands the OT at all.
What ‘evidence’ do you think theland would like us to check, khandro?
Question Author
The warnings and promises from God to the Jews, from Abraham right up to the present day.
Thank you for your continued, (apparent), interest.
Any specific 'evidence' we can check?
Question Author
The warning and promises written long before history bore them out.
So what can we check? Or do you want us to take your word for it?
Go on, Give us a verse....
Question Author
No don't take my word, as if you would :-)

The warnings and prophecies are clear. So is history.
One witnesses to the other. Proof Gods word is true.
Give a flaming prophecy verse waiting
//No don't take my word//
Wasnt going to...
Question Author
A flaming prophecy?
Oh come on Nailit!
You have read the bible so many times yet you ask what prophecies concerning the Jews there are?
Crazy man!
Theland, both nailit and I have offered to check the evidence, as you suggested - but you really need to put your money where your mouth is and let us know what you want us to check.

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The Jews In Prophecy.

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