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Canary42 | 15:51 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Another blunder by our out-of-touch judiciary, giving money to this nutter, financed out of UK taxpayers' hard-earned wages of course.


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But you was all for free speech on another thread, which this judgment supports! Make your mind up
Normally you are a fan of judges canary, when they are letting off terrorists, rapists etc. What gives?
oddly enough he has the same views as most muslims but you don't seem to mind them so much!
His statement.
" It is an important moment for religious freedom in the UK."
It's quite an important event for his rear pocket as well, he didn't mention that.

what we have here is a Libfac TROB council trying to ban something legal they don't like. Apparently....
“We accept that the advertisements were not in themselves offensive,” - really but you took them down and cost your residents £100k! Nice!
Perhaps the people of Blackpool will think twice about putting the shower back in office in the next council elections.
This is exactly why I think all local councils should be abolished. They are full of busy bodies who can't get proper jobs interfering with things they should not.
Actually imo it make a refreshing change for someone to win a case like this. I get sick and tired of being told how we must think and feel and as for his venues being cancelled because of his views, well this just goes to show that if you don't agree with minority groups then you have no right to an opinion - ridiculous ! I hope this sets a precedent for a turn in the tide.
I'm happy to see someone win a case about having their free speech restricted, just a damn shame it happened to be a slimeball like Franklin Graham.
That's the way the legal cookie crumbles.

It would have been nice to think he might perform to empty auditoria spouting his awful views, but sadly I know that wouldn't have been the case.

I don't know of him, so can't say whether he's a slimeball or not.
I’m with 3Ts on this one.
awful essex style of the lovely TTT and the usual TTT rubbish
the law was on the plaintiffs side

would they have been allowed to refuse the adverts from get go
not sure about that one

the sooner you drop the - "fing-dat-foo - foo again!" style the better - foo dem nutters! yeah that's what I say!
I would probably be with TTT if I cd work out what the hell he was saying
I saw the bus advertisements, grumbled to myself and/or my wife and went on my way......
I was dinstinctly dischuffed to find that the Town Clowncil and Blackpool Transport Services had conspired by their own incompetence to forfeit a large sum of 'our' money to a person and organisation I whole-heartedly revile.
Good. He deserved to win. A victory for free speech. He's been treated abominably. I don't agree with what he says but ... you know the rest.
Yes I agree, good result.
Leftie censors need to be taught a lesson.
I didn't like the atheist slogans that were on buses a few years ago, "There is probably no God......", but i accepted that for the sake of free speech they could state their beliefs

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