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‘when he suddenly found himself inside a whale.’

Not a sentence you read very often.
Zacs, sounds like an insult this fella might have received...
No one would believe this story if the man's name happened to be . . . Jonah.
I found myself inside of a whale or two when I was young.
Beer goggles are not recommened.
Jonah is not a prediction but a historical figure who lived inside a whale/fish for three days before negotiated his release where he was vomited up on the shore. Another highly plausible Biblical story of historical fact.

This guy was not inside for quite so long.

and I suppose Jonah and the whale is literally true
O god this has to be AB

he made his home in
that fish's abdomen

oh lardy lardy lord love us
and I got another :
and it came to pass that jesus said: it will rain tomorrow - somewhere or the next day

and it did ! ( hibernia or somewhere )
is it time for the standard aynock and ayli joke

aynock aynock - I was fishing in the navigation and I caught a whale!
Ayli: really - did it have spokes in it

thx wolverhapmton express 1980
That reminds me of the little lad who was in tears because his mate had fallen in the canal; he just had to eat the bread.

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