So The Anglican Suggestion For Maundy Thursday Celebration Was To Have A Jewish-Style Seder?

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DTCwordfan | 19:41 Fri 02nd Apr 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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So what?

A brouhaha that shows just how stupid the mass of Anglicans can be.

or for those of you without a DT subscription,

What's wrong in borrowing best practice? - the crux of the argument, 'In a document entitled "Prayer at Home", it said: "This short form of prayer is intended to be used at home by those who at this time of the pandemic are unable to gather with others to celebrate the Holy Communion on the evening of Maundy Thursday.

"While the prayers and actions echo motifs from the Jewish Seder, this is not such a meal. Jewish people will understand the resonance of the symbols and practices in very different ways from Christians."

It went on to encourage families to gather at the table with a bowl of warm water, flatbread, honey and a sprig of rosemary, and for the youngest to ask questions to their elders about the tradition.

Critics said the guide appears to be "appropriating liturgy" from the Jewish faith and portrays striking similarities to the Jewish Seder meal.

Jesus, if he was here today, he'd be up on the cross to get out of this mad house.

Comments - over to you religious fanatics. Yes, I am stirring the Passover potato soup pot.


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mammoth global rudeness by the C of E
As long as it's not like the Seder that Alfie Solomons held in Peaky Blinders . . . . .
//Jesus, if he was here today, he'd be up on the cross to get out of this mad house.//
As Jesus was a Jew, I doubt he'd give a flying fig what the Church of England was getting up to.
Prayer together is all that counts.
Who do you pray with, Theland? I know you don't go to church.

As TheChair said, Jesus wouldn't give a hoot about the Christian churches - any of them.
I usually pray alone, but have prayed with members of my family, but it is not a regular thing alas.
Had a lively debate with a C of E vicar on Twitter over this. He was aghast at this Sedar suggestion.
I have partaken in Sedar meals and they have been special events.
Only do it, however if you really want to and fully appreciate their significance
Question Author
I think that it's over the top to criticise the CoE seniors for doing this - why not borrow a practice. Yes, a seder is a special event but that's focused on the Jewish faith and it brings together family, friends and even folk from outside.....(outside the faith as with me!).
DTC Seder is special to Jews because it was THEIR ancestors who were freed from Egypt.
I don't think you have to be a 'religious fanatic' to choose to reply to your well-made point. First, however, I don't think it's fair to describe 'the mass of Anglicans' as being stupid. I don't think the mass of Anglicans were consulted about this matter. Second, I think they made a clumsy and ill-advised move. There is a lot of pressure in the Anglican community and, to a lesser extent, in the Catholic Church to be ecumenical but this was, in my view, just plain silly. I strongly suspect that most Anglicans (and certainly our lot) did not, would not, approve.
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woofgang, think I know, my ex was (reformed) Jewish.....

Paigntonian, point accepted, I borrowed the term from the article - they probably meant the authorities......they should have just let the parishes decide on this one as there are plenty of vicars who like to reach out to other faiths or incorporate 'practices' etc..not least in prayer.

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So The Anglican Suggestion For Maundy Thursday Celebration Was To Have A Jewish-Style Seder?

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