Nde's And Reincarnation

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fender62 | 18:02 Sun 21st Feb 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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near death experiences and reincarnation, lots of people have had nde's and a lot of peope have seen ghosts spirits etc, so it makes one wonder is there more to this existence than we know at present.. the series was interesting or some of it.
i do not believe in the god of abraham or anyother man made inspired on either, but i find
spirits ghosts call them what you will interesting, so many people around the world over centuries can they all be wrong, deluded on drugs wishful thinking etc, even if you broke that down, some sightings are an enigma.


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I think there’s more going on than we generally acknowledge, fender, in the main because we don’t yet understand it. When we do though I suspect it will have perfectly natural causes. No hocus locus required.
‘hocus pocus’. Blimmin’ phone keys!
// so it makes one wonder is there more to this existence than we know at present//

no there isnt
it was looked at in the eighties
in A+E dept - people floated above their Dead bodies and looked
and so they put letters and numbers on the top of the theatre lights

so if you floated see - you cd see the letters and numbers -
and tell the doctors later

and no one cd

[ sozza to be a party pooper but just sat froo a prog on how covid vacc kills small babies and gives grannies cancer at The Same Time ! and so I am not feeling too positive about alternative theories]
on anyfing
I dsidnt know she was thinking deeply about this - honest - sozza
Same as naomi said, really. I don't believe some of the explanations used, even though I believe the experiences.
NDEs don't make sense, because they can only come from living people. You can be dying, but not a bit dead. So, nobody is around to tell us what death is like.
Ghosts and spirits, are also an easy explanation for things we don't understand, so put it down to supernatural.

But just because we can't explain something yet, it doesn't mean it's unexplainable.

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Nde's And Reincarnation

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