Difficult Times And God

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fiveleaves | 22:05 Tue 16th Feb 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Do difficult times draw you closer to God or repel you from Him?
People respond to tragedy in different ways, some turn to God and find some solace in Him, others are so angry or hurt they turn away from God.
I was thinking the other day perhaps this is it. Perhaps pubs and restaurants will never re-open. What if we are never allowed to travel abroad again?
I wouldn't mourn the demise of Weatherspoons but never being able to travel again would be very hard to take. Would it affect my faith? I would hope not


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//My relationship with my own father was very awkward and never got fully reconciled//
Who cares and so what?

Millions of people have awkward relationships wit parents. AND?
Fiveleaves, the arrogance in your 'Of course God has a plan and purpose for you' is sad. If you're attempting to turn anyone towards God, your tactics are abysmal and misguided.
What on Earth has your flawed relationship with your dad got to do with
a belief in a creator?
If I was wavering, and it was down to theland and fiveleaves, I would have turned well away by now.
Thankfully, we also have people like mamya and woofgang, who have some humanity too. Is it a female thing?
Pixie: No it isn't only a female thing but a few people here would benefit from a little self-analysis, perhaps asking themselves for a start, why do they spend so much time on R&S threads ?
Why not? Personally, I read them for psychology, some post because they are unsure of their beliefs, or want to persuade others for validation. I can't speak for everyone.
Personally, Khandro, I am here for the same reason as you.
Khandro - // ... but a few people here would benefit from a little self-analysis ... //

And the Ironic Observation Of 2021 Award goes to ...

I know it's only two months in, but this will take some beating!!!!
Fiveleaves,// People say they have no interest in God yet read posts in a message board called Religion and Spirituality. Go figure.//

But you don’t ‘go figure’. You assume you know the reason those people are here - but you don’t. Best you take your own advice and ‘go figure’ a bit more.
Question Author
To Neveracrossword, How does my saying God has a plan and purpose for your life make me arrogant and sad. Not following your thinking at all. God is a loving Father who wants to give His children good gifts.
If that doesn't resonate with you, my hope is it will resonate with other readers.
//God is a loving Father who wants to give His children good gifts//
Then what's stopping him?
Theres starving kids in 3rd world countries, drinking filthy water and dying of God only know what?
Maybe he could be a loving father to those unfortunates.

Would be a start anyway!
Fiveleaves, you think it's not arrogant to tell complete strangers what you believe an invisible, possibly non-existent man has lined up for their future? It's sad too in that most people have far too many real things in their lives to even think of telling others such nebulous nonsense. Your pious 'God is a good Father...' has no basis in reality, and I hope it resonates with not a single soul.
In difficult times the last thing I need is a ghost story.
//Your pious 'God is a good Father...' has no basis in reality, and I hope it resonates with not a single soul.//

Doesnt resonate with biblical characters either, all through out the bible he sent snakes to kill people, buried them alive, sent bears to kill them, hardened peoples hearts, burnt them alive, drowned them, burnt them, starved them, caused them to be sick, etc ....
the list goes on!
The god of the bible is a not what you would call a roll model.
\\ Surveys show that some atheists will pray in times of trouble.//

True...and Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom.
There’s some crap posted on here but this takes the biscuit. Equating religion with the hospitality industry.....say WHAT!
Question Author
There are so angry, hurting people on here. When I properly grasped I was a child of God it changed my life for ever. There is no going back from here.
I do hope people are able to look past the atheists here. My experience is that those who shout the loudest are rarely those who are right
Fiveleaves, what leads you to state 'there are many angry hurting people here'? Your perception seems as skewed as your original question. The 'those who shout the loudest...' was highly amusing - it resonated in that I feel 'those who come on to AB with preconceived notions and beliefs are those who are least likely to entertain rational thought'.

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Difficult Times And God

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