What About John Knox?

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fiveleaves | 18:33 Sat 13th Feb 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Or have you all been seduced by Popery?


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Whats the question, exactly?
For those who have not heard of John Knox:
What a neep-heid.Hopefully the poster isnt a Scot.Eejit.
I wd marry the Bishop of Rome if I were allowed

( a voluptuous harlot miss kissy kissy ( La cicciolina ) was elected to the italian parliament. and promised to sleep with XY or Z if he .... did something. Bishop of Rome and abortion possibly)

This was at the time that small children at their parents' bidding would throw handfuls of worthless coins at Bettino Craxi in the street as he had been convicted of taking bribes. er whilst he was Prime Minister
A bit personal, isn't it??....
there's one thing that he is credited for and that is the hard knox in life that he took.
of Italy not scotland

but hey arent they having fun up in scotland with alex salmond?
personal - - - hes dead isnt he
what Alex Salmond has popped his clogs, Peter - I though it as other things, more feminine, that he had popped.
It was the second bit, PP, being seduced...
It wouldnt be miss Sturgeon anyway.She prefers to remain pure.
I don't understand the question.

You could ask the same about Cranmer though.
What about him?

I think most on this site are more likely to be seduced by pot pourri than Popery.
Might be Steg,he is obsessed with Orangemen and Popery and all that kraap.
I view John Knox and the Pope as just another two religious nut-jobs who have no relevance for me.

John Knox was instrumental in the reformation of the Church of Scotland / Kirk. Yeah, so what?
well he left his mark on your country, Jim - not least in banning Christmas and this encouraged Hogmanay....
Question Author
Just a bit of friviolity, I'm not being serious.
No offence meant to Catholics and I am not a Scottish reformist protestant.
Its freezing, the middle of February and in a lockdown, that's my excuse.
Now, What about Zwingli?
He was instrumental in awakening the sleeping entreprenurial drive of the Scots, hence the expression

Kirk to enterprise.
His important legacy was to emphasise the evils of popery and his hope of bringing the truth to ordinary Catholics.

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What About John Knox?

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