What Is The Most Stupid Religion?

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idiosyncrasy | 12:55 Thu 26th Nov 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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There are so many different religions in the world, its unbelievable.


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idio, I'm sure you're busy, but when you get back could you perhaps say why you refer to religions as being ranked in stupidity terms? I got the impression that you're a christian. Are you looking for support for a pro-christian view?
I think that ANY religion that relies on a book is stupid.
The Koran, The Torah, The New Testament, The Book of Mormon etc.
Or anyone who relies on commentries of said books.

Theres one born every minute...
There's a very large percentage of the global population that are illiterate. Are we to suppose that they are damned because they cant read? (Whatever your fairy tail book tells them)?
Dare I say it?
Theland, it would help if you tell us to whom your remrks are addressed.
You know that you want to...and will anyway!
say it man for gods sakes...
Im almost out of vodka waiting.
The suspense is killing me....
//Of course atheism is a lack of belief in either, but is devoid of any answers to the big questions.//

That indicates that religion has the answers to the big questions - which if course it doesn’t. All religion is irrational - and that’s a perfect example.
Another area which shows you don't know and understand your Bible.
The fear of Jehovah is the start of wisdom.”—Proverbs 9:10.

It time you considered a compliment to describe someone as God-fearing. Today, many find the concept of fearing God quaint but hard to understand.
Like poor atheists’ to them, fear is a negative, even paralyzing emotion.
Because fear of God is not the abject, paralyzing fear that grips people in some situations. It is the kind of fear that a child may feel for his father, even though he loves his father and knows that his father loves him.
I don't have fear of man, No I replacing it with a much more wholesome fear.

//It is the kind of fear that a child may feel for his father//
If my child felt any kind of fear of me, I would consider myself a failed parent!
So you're saying your child has no love for you then. Because his he loves you he wouldn't do anything to displease you that's what I'm getting at if you understand plain English.
//So you're saying your child has no love for you then//
Im saying no such thing you buffoon.

//that's what I'm getting at if you understand plain English//
I understand plain English, pity you don't!
Tora. Yes, I recall that part of the tale.

My favourite spinoff was on Hancock’s Half Hour where I think it was Sid James who read out the bit about sticking electrodes on your head to clear your mind (and for an extra half dollar could tune you in to the Light Programme).

Good days.

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[email protected] I'm not looking for support from anyone. I asked a simple question. There are roughly 4,000 religions around the world. From Juche to Christianity. The idea of the question was simply to have a discussion without people throwing stones at each other, which seems to be the main purpose of this particular section,
surprised its only throwing stones, boulders more like,
idio... which do you think is the most stupid?
My own saying would be Atheist.
Goodlife, if I understand your post correctly, I would say that atheism is not a religion.

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What Is The Most Stupid Religion?

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