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Sorry, that is the dullest thing I have heard. 30 secs was more than enough.
Lovely - I've always liked Haydns Creation.
Von Karajan was a Nazi supporter.
Just saying.
Thanks Khandro.
I would have put that under "Music". Something as wonderful as that is wasted in R&S ;o)))
Gord, why do Culture Vulture always try and inflict that operatic racket on the rest of us?

Vibrato is only really used to cover up the fact that these singers can’t hold a pure note, so wobble a fraction above it, a fraction below it, a fraction on it, and the result with ONE voice can be ok, but more than one? Cacophony.

Lord give me an UNTRAINED, pure voice from our folk tradition, such as Christine Primrose, or a pure trained voice from India such as Lata Mangeshkar (the latter using such precise vibrato that she DOES hit the note every time!)

There IS wonderful singing out there, but please look beyond our cultural barbed wire.
A wonderful piece, which really needs to be heard in its entirety to be appreciated fully.

As for the conductor, he had little choice but to join the Nazi party in late-30s Germany, otherwise he'd never have got anywhere. cf Pope Benedict's membership of the Hitler Youth.

Plus, his second wife was a Vierteljüdin, or doesn't that count?


a rapid alternation of a note with the note immediately below or above it in the scale (sometimes further distinguished as lower mordent and upper mordent ). The term inverted mordent usually refers to the upper mordent.

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Glorious, thank you.
Lovely. Thank you for posting that, khandro.
A person's views and action in one arena does not change their abilities in another.
Beautiful music,thank you.
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I clearly remember the first time I first heard Gundula_Janowitz's divine voice singing this passage; it was about 25 years ago, & I was driving, (The Builder: a 2.4 Warwick grey, Mark 2 Jaguar!) in the West Midlands at about 4pm, I was on my way to collect a bronze sculpture which I'd had silver-plated in West Bromwich.
I was listening to Radio 3 when this came on, I was in traffic, but this had such a powerful effect I had to pull over into a lay-by to continue listening, I think it made me cry - and sometimes it still does.

Ah... the classic Mk II Jag.............

I can smell the leather upholstery now ;o)
The Creation - I was playing the French Horn part on an E flat tenor horn in my college performance of 'The Heavens Are Telling' and other excerpts. On the night some of the basses failed to appear so I had to dash between the brass section and the rear row of the choir depending on where I was needed most.
I don't think we sounded quite like this...
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Very uplifting shoota, & while up there, what about that roof! where is it do you know?
^ looks like Gloucester.
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mibn2cweus. Thanks, but it's not Gloucester I'm sure; the stone mullions in the main window at Glos. are more slender, letting in the maximum of light ( I remember being told that the whole window there is the size of a tennis court).
The painted & gilded woodwork of the ceiling in the video looks similar though.
Any other ideas? Anyone?
The east window might look odd due to the darkness, lack of focus and resolution but the west window and vaulting, walls, floor, stage, alter, organ pipes, . . . unmistakably Gloucester.
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I'll take your word for it, thanks. Perhaps it was part of a Three Choirs Festival (cancelled this year)

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The Creation

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