Is Suicide A Sin?

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nailit | 19:10 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Would like to hear the Theists side of this question.
When I was an evangelical christian, I was told that suicide was a sin worthy of eternal torment.
I could never get my head around this doctrine. A person so tormented in life, would be even more tormented in the afterlife for the sin of been tormented in this one???

Over the years Ive attended the funerals of several friends who have taken their own lives.
All sad, All tormented by their own 'demons'.

Ive had my own episodes of wanting to depart (forever) this life, but thankfully still here and enjoy life.
Just cant wrap my head around the doctrine of eternal torment for people who are trying to escape a tormented life...


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