We Are Living In The Prophetic End Times.

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Theland | 19:28 Thu 01st Oct 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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The bible is true.
Atheists, or rather Hatetheists, refuse to recognise thedd signs of the times, which are comprehensively described in the bible, which is accurate.
Stubbornness prevents the Hatetheists from recognising the truth.
Covid is but one aspect, but is like the first domino to fall, the rest will crash soon.
You can check what the bible says yourself, and compare it to contemporary events.
Time is getting short, things will never be the same again.
Will you take notice?


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Can you please just tell me where in the bible ? Chapter and verse Remember the bible is a very large book (I have sitting here on my desk ~ at the ready ~ so to speak) by the way I am not an atheist, I practise my faith and read the bible but for the life of me I cannot remember reading anything ~ and I have been reading for well over 70 years. God Bless ~ keep safe
15:48 Fri 09th Oct 2020
"this is going off topic"

Which was always the OP's intention.
We are living in the 'pathetic' end times you mean?
Bubbles, stay home, go to work, stay home, eat out to help out but don't mix, work from home, 2 metres, go to the pub, home by 10 but go Tesco for more booze anyway, go to work, dont mix, herd immunity, isolate, no more than 6... 15 on a bus, hundreds on a train, no more than 6, unlimited hunts, no social gatherings, work in groups, dont meet in groups socially etc

All pathetic, none predicted in the Bible.
Theland....If the Bible is factual then you believe in Adam and Eve, do you.?

And if anyone can't be bothered to check the The Bible, here's the Daily Express in their "Weird News" section from 6 days ago summarising the "bizarre Christian prophecies" and how "niche Christian groups have responded by flooding social media in recent months with warnings of the world’s fiery demise."

Best of a bad read in my opinion.
Theland - this is your belief, posted on here dozens of times.

If you believe it, why does it matter so much to you if others don't?

Saving souls is not really within your remit, is it?
/// Saving souls is not really within your remit, is it?///

Ah souls - that's all he ever posts.
Covid is but one aspect, but is like the first domino to fall, the rest will crash soon.
Are you saying your god is going to let this happen?
More misery and death....what a star!
-- answer removed --
In archibaldy's link it says.....

According to Christian evangelist Michael Snyder, the coronavirus is one of 10 plagues currently haunting the Earth.

If one believes that I suggest a further one should be added.

A plague of preachers.!!
Crikey! Theland's invented a new word. 'Hatetheists'. That could catch on ... or not. :o)

//The bible is true. //

Which bits?
// Never has a pandemic affected the whole world, and that is only one facet of what we are facing.//

er yes it has - black death - 1348 - purpura 400BC
and a few others - spanish flu

and - sorry but if it didnt affect the whole wide world
it wouldnt be a pandemic - would it?
end of the world ism has been around for a few years now
Yes PP................but one day it will happen. Then all those God botherers who say it was predicted in the 'Great Book Of Fantasy And Nonsense' can tell us they told us so. Oh.....hang on....though.........
Theland....When it comes to prophecies, yesterday evening I said to my wife that you would scarper from your own thread. I was right because you never came back here; although you looked into Answerbank at 00.26am this morning.

Perhaps you'll list me as a Prophet.

Nailit , I think you're ignoring the big one , The Cashless Society .
When it comes , it will hit us all equally hard in the face , believer and atheist alike .
If you do not do exactly what they say in order to activate your card/app , then your card /app will not be activated - they could make you do almost anything .
No previous generations have ever had to face this .
Question Author
Hans, I hope you get a deerstalker, pipe, cape, for winterfest.
Got a friend named Dr. Watson?
Question Author
As usual the the hatetheists ignore what the bible says, and its congruence to current events.
//As usual the the hatetheists ignore what the bible says, and its congruence to current events.//

As usual TL, you're confusing hate with disbelief.
Question Author
Oh no Mozz! I'm not!
Read some of the respondents to me.
If I back up my claims with a YouTube scientist etc, I get reprimanded by Naomi who complains, but never ever references her claims.
Her narcissistic tendencies demand that the rest of you respect her opinion, because it is her opinion!
She can never back up her negativity with third party expertise, or argument other than her highly self regarded opinions.
Sadly, too many sycophants either follow her lead or are afraid of her sharp tongue.
There is no safety in numbers.
Coffins are single occupancy.
Your "expert" YouTube videos usually last well over an hour. Have you tried sitting through somebody talking about a topic you have no interest in for so long. I'd be lucky to keep my eyes open. And theologists aren't really scientists. Science is based on facts and the testing of those facts. There is no testing religion, it's entirely down to faith.

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We Are Living In The Prophetic End Times.

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