Our Galaxy Will Die In A Few Billion Years.

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SparklyKid | 09:58 Sat 26th Sep 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Will this god character have to start again somewhere else with a new adam and eve ?


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our galaxy will not die, it will merge with Andromeda in 4.5Billion years.
We will have spread out across the visible universe by then, and become a Type III civilization. Or by then maybe a Type VI civilization ;-)
have a day off OG on the kardsashev scale we are barely type 0.001. There has not been long enough in the univeres for a Type 1 to exist, let alone 2 or 3!
We're talking a few billion years.

Don't think it's going to worry us a great deal tbh.
I've noted the details on my calendar.
//Our Galaxy Will Die In A Few Billion Years.//

I'm waiting for Gully to come on and blame Boris.
As far as we understand things at the moment, the universe will spread out until there's nothing meaningful left.
there are various theories none really confirmed, big crunch, big rip, heat death etc.
TTT, well, they wouldn't be confirmed until they occurred!
//I'm waiting for Gully to come on and blame Boris.//

Don't be ridiculous. It's Mrs Thatcher's fault. Bit of nuisance really as I was thinking of having my front room redecorated. Doesn't seem worth it now. :-)
Thank god for that.
When I first read this I thought it said “few million”
I'm prepared, I've got an Ocado delivery booked in case we can't get out then.

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Our Galaxy Will Die In A Few Billion Years.

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