Religion On Other Planets.

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Atheist | 14:44 Fri 18th Sep 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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If there is intelligent life on other planets, they might well have religions. Do christians here think that god would have sent them a version of Jesus?


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A quick check with google confirms there are at least 200 billion galaxies containing unimaginable billions of planets - our galaxy alone hosts at least 100 billion. Don’t you think it’s rather arrogant to claim that this insignificant speck of dust that we call home is unique?
08:00 Sat 19th Sep 2020
Hans - I care nothing of what you think of me, although I would prefer friendship rather than criticism.
False piety?
Did I ever claim perfection?
I speak of the goal.
That OK also?
I'm quite happy to discuss, but some posters are getting hot under the collar.
Nailit, you have read your bible cover to cover at least three times if memory serves.
Are you after an award for speed reading?
Slow down and try to understand what you read.
Theland.... I think people are getting, as you say, hot under the collar because you appear to be a confused person and cannot accept that folk are really trying to make you see reality and that you are incapable of giving answers to the questions which are put to you.

You speak of a goal. What does that mean seeking a passport to heaven perhaps. Yet if I say to you where is heaven and God, you cannot give me an answer. In fact you have never given,as far as I am aware, a sound answer to any question which has been put to you.

Incidentally, I recall over twelvemonths back, when you had a bout of shingles, being given by you 'Best Answer' after I had said ...// I could be absolutely wrong, but I sense that you are at heart a caring person but Religion has become too overbearing in your life; hence you are somewhat 'worn out'. //

No not overbearing, but I suffer a conflict between my desire to grow into my faith, and my inability to always cope.
But as Jesus said, ''..... take up your cross daily and follow me.''
Theland, perhaps it'd be better if you concentrated on those issues, which affect you directly, rather than trying to persuade us that your beliefs are proof, evidence, all sorts of things which you don't seem to be able to validate?
Slippery Theland, just like the snake in your fable.
Trevor, a prize for possibly the first use of ‘ stultiloquence’ on Answerbank.

Very appropriate.
Never - As I've said a few times, I'm not trying to convince you of anything.
You know the gospel, what you do about it is your affair not mine.
I was here to discuss, not preach, don't confuse the two.
Nailit, I wonder if that is worth an answer? Naaah!
Theland......Where have all your Bible Brothers ABers gone. It looks have if they also have abandoned you in this thread.

^^^ as if.... Not have if.
Theland, as shown by your many posts, you are definitely the one who is confused! You've confused belief with proof innumerable times. Your preaching is a constant feature of your thinking ' 'God is...', 'Scientists can't come up with anything, so obviously God is this, that and thenext things'. Your reliance on prophecies often seems desperate rather than convincing. I think you need to check the meaning of 'discuss' - you often flee when the discussions test you.
Experts using the most powerful computer technology in the galaxy have concluded that the answer to this question is...forty two.
Never - Flee? A bit judgemental isn't it?
Answerbank is not a job, if I disappear for a while, that's because, you guessed it, Answer bank is not a job!
I try to keep abreast of the science, although in laymans terms, but the critics of my beliefs don't seem to keep abreast of the eschatology and apologetics.
Our resident speed reader being a case in point.
Others pronounce on the basis of their own authority, their own opinions, their own feelings, not too often the facts.
Other planets? Well certainly probability must be considered, but probability must also be considered for other aspects of the universe, like the formation of a single protein, the odds against it are less probable than aliens, yet here we are.
Interesting isn't it?
It's a pity Theland that you don't produce a few honest facts and express your own opinions. You merely repeat what others tell you and quote the bible punchers such as Billy Graham who make a fortune from convincing the gullible.

Anyway I am now off to bed. Perhaps you have retired for the night because you have a boat to catch in the morning. I'll have a crafty look aboard ( without saying a word) in anticipation of your enquiring how many of them are believers. I feel sure it would be of interest to many ABers if you are able to start a worthwhile conversation aboard ship.

Good Night.....Hans.
I'd advise you not to take Religious enquiries into the GMEB thread at someone else's behest Theland - totally the wrong place for such a discussion.
Mamya - I agree. The Captain would have me walking the plank, keeling me hauls, buckling me swashes, and I'd be as alone and as haunted as the ancient mariner.
(I consider the crew good friends.)
Theland, I'm sorry you didn't like 'flee'. It just seemed the appropriate word in the circumstances, there are dozens of threads where you've avoided answering pertinent or probing questions. Yes, I know AB is not a job, we all have real lives too. It's rather unfair of you to say that others 'pronounce not on the facts' - I think that's why many of your points fail to answer queries, your 'facts' are often on the nebulous side.
“ I know AB is not a job, we all have real lives too. ”

You speak for yourself chum.
Billy Graham somebody said?
No, not me, never been a fan, too compromising.
Also, the money preachers are a criminal disgrace.
Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Rory and Wendy Alec and in fact all on the so called God channel.
Some of the ones who have gained international recognition as evangelists have compromised their position by embracing ecumenism under the tacit authority of Rome.
None of the above is for me.

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