Do You See The Denying God’s Authority?

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goodlife | 17:25 Wed 16th Sep 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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A subtle atheism is tired of living under the eye of God,”
Before answering, ask yourself this, ‘Is there any evidence that universal atheism would lead to a better world?


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Goodlife. What about the history of child abuse from within the church? You list humanities crimes but the church is no better. How will these things be improved by everybody becoming part of a historically corrupt church?
Question Author
What do you think? you want man so thought or God.
Goodlife, //naomi I haven't forgotten about you//

When you're still searching for a rational answer, I don't doubt it, Goodlife.
Replying to my question with "What do I think" isn't answering the question. I'm not the one trying to convince people that your religion is the way forward. How about you answer my question and address the church's historic child abuse cases? If you can defend the indefe that is.
Question Author
(Im not the one trying to convince people )

We don't do that you got convince yourself, or we do it tell the good news of god's Kingdom Mat:24-14 so when the end comes you won't say I didn't know

If you got a problem child abuse cases? report it to the police that what they're there for.
//If you got a problem child abuse cases report it to the police//

The bigger worry is that you do not have a problem with that. You call me a racist for no reason, yet by your words here, show yourself to be an apologist towards paedophilia and a complete hypocrite.

You ask if the world would be a better place if we all embraced your religion. Well, if you're an example of the holy believers, it most certainly would not be.
//If you got a problem child abuse cases? report it to the police that what they're there for//
Practice what you preach. Watch tower organisation have a long history of covering up any abuse that occurs by its members.
Question Author
I finish on her for the time being ,bye bye you happy lot.
"I have no answers to your questions so I'm gonna run for it."

So, hypocryte AND coward.
Now, now, Mozz. Not everyone here can stay online forever.
I agree Atheist, but seeing as he dodged the questions several times before coming online to say he wasn't coming online, I'll stick to my opinion!
Not being a regular on this site, I still keep in touch.

I am thoroughly disgusted by comments made by

What a malicious man/woman you are!

As a retired Police Officer I have been involved in many cases of abuse but you hitting on JW’s specifically is the lowest of the low. What about all the other groups we hear about?

Up to 1 billion children have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional violence or neglect. (courtesy of the How many of those were abused by so-called religious leaders?
Here I am referring to the mainstream religious organizations which include Roman Catholic and Protestant/Anglican, Mormons, and Islam, even atheists.
Think of the hundreds of thousands of children sent to Australia in the 50s, for a so-called better life. What happened to the majority of them? They were put into religious institutions where they were then subjected to inhumane treatment, mainly becoming sex slaves to these so-called “do-gooders”. They are still awaiting some kind of apology or restitution. I can vouch for this as a lady I knew of, back in 2015 returned from Australia and she related a lot of what she went through.
In Ireland, there was the Magdalen Homes scandal. Here girls were sent to homes, especially if pregnant, their babies were either aborted or smothered at birth. The girls themselves were used as slaves in the laundry etc
Yes, You never mention these organisations, and others like them. The RC sends their priests off to another diocese or even country to avoid prosecution. Even in the Vatican, there are abuse cases.

So how dare you pick on this one group of people. I know quite a few and I have never, ever seen any of them treat their children other than in a loving, kind, secure, and protective home.

Yes, there are a few bad apples in every institution throughout the world.

If you don’t like a question that is posted, don’t answer it. There is no need to be vindictive. After all, what does it say at the top of the spiritual section?

"Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.

Finally, I think the Editor should have screened this for approval before being published.
//So how dare you pick on this one group of people//
Im not. But the OP was written by a JW so ive replied regarding the cover ups in his own church.
If it had been written by a member of any other organisation who actively covers up child sex abuse they would have had similar replies.

//What a malicious man/woman you are!//
Really? Why? Because Ive shown what a corrupt, pedo shielding organization that the JW's are?
What a very strange person you are.

I still think you purposely picked on JWs because the OP was a JW. Myself, I would have done a comparison across all the religions as the mainstream RC would appear to be the most perpetrators of such abuse. Over centuries they have committed these crimes and use their religion as a way out of being judged. Today we know that the RC heirarchy move them on to other areas where they still commit their hideous crimes.

We live in a world where anything goes and paedophiles are everywhere and in every strata of society.

How do I know you aren’t one?

I believe in a God that will bring Justice to all those who go against his laws. As imperfect men we cannot do it ourselves.
I am still trying to work out what exactly is ...idiosyncrasy.

Idio; do you think that God is a male?
God created male and female, He is completely, ''other,'' far above and beyond our comprehension apart from what is revealed to us.
You really didn't know this?
Theland, I simply wondered what Idio thinks. He refers to God as he, and refers to men, not men and women.
//do you think that God is a male?//

"God" is absolutely a male. A woman would have made a better job of things.
Mozz71 //A woman would have made a better job of things.//

Well, they do say if a woman was in charge things would be better.

But to answer the question is God a man or woman. I would say a man.
As to who I am, that's for me to know and you to find out.

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Do You See The Denying God’s Authority?

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