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years ago, Mike Harding used to do a monologue exploring the possibility that people with piles can't possibly believe in god.....
I would imagine his doubts are much like the ones we all have at times, he's human and therefore has human emotions,doubts and worries.
//God doesn't say, 'once you're out of the mess we'll move on together', he says, 'I'm right here, let's start dealing with this together'."//

There are enough examples of misery in the world - both historically and current - to confirm that God isn’t saying that. When the chips are down he’s nowhere to be seen - and hasn’t been for several thousand years.

I think Justin Welby still has his doubts … but the job pays well.
"When the chips are down he’s nowhere to be seen"

Just like Boris then!

And I have to say when the farmers come down it aint pleasant.
Welby is massively deceived. He bought into ecumenism and sold out.

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I Wonder If Justin Welby Still Has Doubts.??

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