Does God Hold Us Responsible ?

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locusts | 14:53 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Does God Hold Us Responsible ? ?????

Of course, you may never have thought about the matter. -- If this is your opinion--
Who holds us accountable ?-- God.---- Who, then, fixes our fate ? Many would also answer: “God ??‘That would never happen,’ you say -yet, according to some, that is what God does. If good and bad are from God -and he has written everything on our foreheads, as it were, why would he hold us responsible for doing bad ??


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Fate is not "fixed". Events occur, and re-occur in a random way. Today we dodge a bullet, tomorrow we get flattened by a bus. Nothing is pre-ordained, it just happens.
There is no god so how can s/he hold us responsible for anything...? Having said that if you believe in a loving god ,which some people say they do (their behaviour may not reflect that belief!!), then nothing unpleasant should happen .
no such thing as god..... t=0
What does “ ... t=0” mean?
Any God responsible for our creation must logically take responsibility for what their creations do. But since the odds are against there being a God, this question is just rhetorical.
\\What does “ ... t=0” mean?//

its what scientists refer to as the start of creation..... the big bang.
Responsibility is inherent in that which acts, no overseer required. Acknowledging responsibility and holding one accountable requires reason as revealed by the rational mind.
No. As you can't prove any god exists, then responsibility is not your problem. Life happens, get used to it. Can I ask all god believers to form a queue ( with face coverings), and show me how, where and when your god exists (with good examples). I think the devil is with us - Donald Trump
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only kidding. I am well and survive. Let their great god strike me down, if I am a heretic. ...................................... So it seems I am OK.
gods nil = me OK
IF your God existed, (hmmmm) then maybe it would prove itself in front of an unbelieving crowd . Like me and my friends
If this god exists it's got warped sense of humour.
In answer to the OP, it's a big nah! My wife says everything's my fault. It's her that holds me responsible!
// If this god exists it's got warped sense of humour. //
I will vote for you as BA.
10C - second prize.

However, I do have a theory, & it is mine.
Why are your questions always god related? I just wonder why you are so interested in myths and legends but only one set of them.
God works in such mysterious ways that we could be forgiven for thinking much about life is pretty random.

Not sure who should be responsible for this forgiveness though.
Some lazy thinking as usual.
Free will and determinism can co-exist. You are free to move in any direction in space. Since spacetime is more than just a theory you ought to be free to move in any direction in time. It only appears that there is 'one' past because our memory records this as the appearance of spacetime. There are many pasts. There are many futures. As you approach your next 'now' the probability cone of alternative futures diminishes. The appearance of causality arises from the consistency between your remembered present and the most probable 'now' you experience 'next'. There is a dichotomy between how we experience what we call reality and the fundamental underlying mechanisms of that reality. Those mechanisms are random but appear pre-determined (causation) as soon as they are observed. Instead of interpreting this as multiverses splitting (an approach which infringes Occam's razor) try to visualise an infinite number of pre-'existing' alternative realities - only one of which you will arrive in (and which maintains the illusion of causality) - in the same way there are an infinite number of directions you could choose to turn to look at next. So, the same model can be viewed as 'fate' or 'predestined' and at the same time you have freedom to select a large number of alternative 'fates' - all of which will seem and feel predestined because of the illusion of causation. With an infinite number of alternative potential 'universes' to choose from the infinite improbability of DNA/RNA/enzymes/proteins/evolution is no longer quite so improbable. 'God' cannot be blamed for 'bad' 'things' 'happening' because nothing has 'happened'. Nothing 'good' has happened either. 'Everything' (all 'past' & 'future''events' remain as potentialities waiting to be 'observed' and 'experienced' by a 'life-form' that filters the totality into an apparently single 'past' that seems to be consistent with and to have 'caused' an illusory 'now'). Denying "God's" existence was the most ironic thing I ever did. 'God' won't hold any of you accountable either. I guarantee it. I would tell you who 'God' is, but I'm too modest. However, you'll kick yourselves when you find out why you should have tried to be as 'good' as you can. And if any of you work out who you really are too please try to be modest about it!
Do you have any scientists in mind who share your views, maybe a YouTube lecture? Krause, Carroll etc.
(I had a more lengthy reply, but its gone :-(

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