Does God Hold Us Responsible ?

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locusts | 14:53 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Does God Hold Us Responsible ? ?????

Of course, you may never have thought about the matter. -- If this is your opinion--
Who holds us accountable ?-- God.---- Who, then, fixes our fate ? Many would also answer: “God ??‘That would never happen,’ you say -yet, according to some, that is what God does. If good and bad are from God -and he has written everything on our foreheads, as it were, why would he hold us responsible for doing bad ??


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Instead of dealing with the conversation, you are more concerned with self promotion, and your posts are desperately ridiculous.
Do you tell your local vicar about his superstitions?
You’re floundering again, Theland. This isn’t about me - and he is a she - and yes, I do.
Then if you think God is all superstitious claptrap, why do you look for converts to your viewpoint?
Which you do rather vehemently.
That question makes no sense.
Naomi more than has your number Theland. She showing you up for what you are so well that I had to comment.

You are an insidious hypocrite and the excuse for a man who brought us the concept of "justifiable genocide" in one of your recent diatribes.

If there really were places of heaven and hell I know where you would be going.

Justifiable genocide? Are you referring to the Canaanites?
If so you are simply displaying your lack of knowledge and need to do more research.
As for calling me a hypocrite, again, you are simply displaying a lack of knowledge.
Hey, Theland, why don't you ask the Ed to rename you Punxsutawney Phil?
Zacs - Explain? That went over my head, and I do love a good laugh.
Ha Ha. Very good.
I get it.
Thank you Andy.
Yes I suppose the top hat fits me well.

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Does God Hold Us Responsible ?

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