Does God Hold Us Responsible ?

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locusts | 14:53 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Does God Hold Us Responsible ? ?????

Of course, you may never have thought about the matter. -- If this is your opinion--
Who holds us accountable ?-- God.---- Who, then, fixes our fate ? Many would also answer: “God ??‘That would never happen,’ you say -yet, according to some, that is what God does. If good and bad are from God -and he has written everything on our foreheads, as it were, why would he hold us responsible for doing bad ??


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god does not exist, only in the imagination of deluded folk.
Goodlife, yes I have considered it - despite the words you quote ,I firmly believe we were given a beautiful planet to occupy and the wisdom to make the right choices to prosper and care for each other and the World in general, only some have taken that opportunity.
Sparklykid - Just wondering how you reached that conclusion?
If a god gave us free will (whatever that is) then if we screw up it's that god's fault for giving us faulty free will. However you cut it, responsibility lies with the initial cause.
Cop out, blame someone or something else, poor.
Precisely. How can anyone even consider a god would do such a thing.
'' My Dad gave me a knife so I committed murder.
Its all his fault!''
If God holds us responsible, that means that there is no God.
If we misuse the free will we were given?

Don't worry, you probably have a few years left before you have to give an account of yourself.
If you start with an open mind, ready to believe or not believe according to the evidence, it is quite probable that we shall discover that it is easier to believe in God than to decide that plants, animals and man himself, body and mind, had their origin as the product of blind, purposeless chance. It is perhaps fitting to add that many persons do not wish to believe in God. They realize that it would rebuke their past and change their future to an unpleasant degree if they did.

Jesus said Let them be. Blind guides is what they are. If, then, a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit Mt 15:14.
Very true good life.
Blindness seems to be a choice.
Mt 15 14 - and peter said: can you make plain the parable

and the explanation is - you realise that everything in the mouth comes out somewhere

OK carry on
// Blindness seems to be a choice.//
erm Mt 15 14 ia -
the blind are guides - - tuphloi eisin hodygoi
choice doent come into it

( and yes I agree that the article is missing from both words - which doubtless generates a lot of theological yar-de-yar_
Theland, 14:45 "Blindness is a choice"

Theland, don't you ever think before you trot out such platitudes? Your sentence, taken as it is, is so ridiculous. With your so-called christian spin it might make sense to you, but not to me. Are you really saying that blind people choose to be blind?
Atheist - No what I am saying is that spiritually blind people choose to remain so.
I knew you mean spiritual blindness and I have a bright yellow card that tells me I'm partially sighted :-)
There's nothing wrong with your insight Mamya.
The religious are spiritually hallucinogenic which is a far biggger than spiritual blindness would ever be.
^ "far bigger problem"
You're fate is in your own hands.

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Does God Hold Us Responsible ?

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