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nailit | 20:06 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Why is it that locusts and goodlife always appear on AB at more or less the same time. They both appear within days (or less) of each other and then both disappear for weeks on end. They both preach JW theology, both copy and paste from the same JW web pages and both ask the same sort of questions found in JW publications!

Its almost as if they were the same person???


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Curioser and curioser...
Question Author
//Curioser and curioser...//
Obviouser and Obviouser...if you ask me, ;-)
Question Author
Probably strangled the English language there^^^
We both did. :-)
Question Author
//We both did. :-)//
Neither of us are perfect Tills.
(Some on AB think they are though)
I'm really.surprised this thread is still alive.
Not much interest, is there?
Well, no - discussing other members whilst they aren't here isn't in the spirit of the site really.
Or they go to the same hall and are getting the preached message and have decided online tag team is the way to meet the requirements to spread the word.
I don’t think Goodlife and Locusts are one and the same.

I’m not sure what this ‘spirit of the site’ is, but it seems to apply rather selectively.
JW's always go round in two's don't they?

……….I too was surprised the thread was still up considering it breaks Site Rules, and the OP is already on shaky ground.
It doesn’t break rules.
Hi ever one you find all your answer on
locusts let me clarify something i am not good life ..yes i do class my self as a christian BUT i do not follow any main church ,like { roman catholic or protestant {because a lot of their teaching are false {for a illustration}.they uphold wars .and GOD said that shall not kill ,??and many more .that is why people are confused ?? They are just like the scribes and pharisees back in the old days {Jesus said } matt 23. 23.30
I'm beginning to think Nailit may really be Johnny English, working undercover on behalf of an atheist sect hidden away on some remote Pacific island with a really good internet connection.

Hmmm, time for a conspiracy theory?
Locusts,//i do not follow any main church ,like { roman catholic or protestant //

How about Jehovah's Witnesses?

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Locusts And Goodlife

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