Would You Say God Is To Blame For All

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locusts | 09:02 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Would you say GOD is to blame for all he suffering in the word to day . And if you do {AND WHY }
THE bibles answer to this question ? ? 2 Corinthias 11. 14 Ezekiel 28. 13,15


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// I think N has hit the nail on the head there.//
I cannot mention her name for fear of a long howwoooool !
remember the first commandment !

//That's quoting Isaiah, not God. Who says Isaiah's telling the truth?//

has hit the nail on the head
what was the Idea of God when that was written? we serious people call this Isaiah etc the old covenant and the new testament the new covenant

and the ideas have to be different because you cant otherwise separate old ( OT that is! ) from New (NT that is!)

God BC - my dean of chapel wrote a book on the the Jews idea of God in AD 0

God B.C. is a clear and profound guide to the spiritual world of the Old Testament, providing a highly readable introduction to the nature of the God whom Jesus called “Father”. It charts the relationship between God and God’s people Before Christ, and how that relationship informs our understanding of grace

my god! pun intended - its just been reprinted ! - first ed 1973

Jesus it is difficult to have a serious discussion on AB
Theland, //God created evil. Right, on the face of it He is responsible for every evil great and small, and this is something you push time and time again.
You are wrong.//

I believe what he is alleged to have said. Why don’t you?

As for humility, it’s about time you found the humility to confess that whilst you accuse me of error, you are constantly at a loss to explain those errors to me. Saying I'm wrong just doesn't wash, Theland.
Theland, you said you absented yourself because you worried that people may think you were 'preaching'.

Since you still lack the basic courtesy and humility that most non-Christians possess, and you being the more fervent type, your absence is correspondingly larger, you clearly need reminding of the main reason why people dislike your attitude on here - you are preaching, you always do, you always will.
No! Brexit is to blame
Theland // Naomi, your errors are too many to mention//

Just mention one then.

It is the same when we discuss evolution. I explain the science and you simply say I make too many assumptions. Yet you can never name a single one.

You are a fool but unfortunately cannot see it.
I don't know all of the answers, and I'm not afraid to say so.
I am constantly learning, and the more I learn, the clearer the bible becomes, but I realise I still have a long way to go.
Your biggest error is failing to understand the basic message of the gospel, as well as suppressing any evidence that challenges your naturalistic worldview.
Having said all that, you are not a serious sceptic enquirer, but only like a few others, looking for anything with which to attack the bible, and that against a backdrop of a failure to even guess at the answers to the big questions.
Your whole position is really laughable.
Beso - you cannot explain evolution.
Also no need for the insults.
No Andy I respectfully presented my opinion.
You are being insulting.
Theland - // No Andy I respectfully presented my opinion.
You are being insulting. //

If you are so thin skinned that you think having your preaching pointed out to you constitutes an insult, then this is clearly not the forum debate for you.

Maybe you would be better joining those who take a step-ladder and a speaker system out into their town centre and harangue the passers-by with their failings - the passers-by tend not to answer back.

They don't take any notice either of course, but they don't answer back.
Theland - // No Andy I respectfully presented my opinion. //

I suggest you check the word 'respect' - 'due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others'

It clearly means something different to you.

NO! Cant blame him for me being stuck indoors to annoy you lot.
A simplistic question from someone who grew out of fairy stories..
If believers pray to ‘god’ to be healed, who do they think made them sick?
No because it is a belief in gods that leads to do many ills, if humanity spent less time worrying about their imaginary friends they would take ,responsibility for their own lives
I always thought Naomi was GOD . Well, since I joined Answer Bank/
Andy, does my opinion constitute preaching?
If so, how?
15.57 Hello...
sare we any nearer to why locust is using OT refs about God
when we know that the NT Changed it ALL

( sort of get millennial baby - as a christian ABer migfht say)
Jakep - A good question.
Give me some time.
// you are constantly at a loss to explain those errors to me.//
erm excuse me
I went thro a disgraceful period of pointing out and ridiculing your hilarious errors
and all I got were threats of dismissal and hanging drawing and quartering

I say fairs fair old girl !
Jakep - who made them sick?
Sickness and disease are a part of our fallen world.
That is simplistic enough?
If you grew out of fairy stories then you should reject the fairy stories associated with the creation of the universe, aabiogenesis and evolution.

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