'messiah' On Netfix

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Khandro | 18:42 Mon 06th Jan 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Has anyone watched it ? We saw the final episode last night & I marked it as a 10.
Wasn't sure when watching it whether it was magic-realism, science- fiction or a documentary., great!


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It’s on my ‘to watch’ list. It might push it up nearer the top now.

The Newsroom is another box set, it’s on Sky if you have it. Absolutely brilliant.
For Rocky - I bought the boxed set of The Newsroom as I love it that much. Aaron Sorkin can do no wrong in my opinion.
To each his own ! Stuck with it until episode4 and then gave up. It was very watchable but I couldn't believe in it.
Sorry Khandro
Hi Baker. It’s probably the best series that I’ve seen and I also love Sorkin.. I’m just deciding if I can afford to see his To Kill A Mockingbird on stage.
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I bought boxed, The Newsroom (pre Netfix days) but didn't get on with it - couldn't stand Penelope Mortimer - I now forget why.

Re. OP Rosie, when you say, 'I couldn't believe in it.' What do you mean exactly?
Think you mean Emily Mortimer.
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Hallo Khandro - what I meant was that whether it's sci fi or fantasy or a comedy sitcom I have to believe in the characters no matter how outlandish they appear . I wasn't able to do this with The Messiah even though the series was done very well. So I gave up. But happy you and others enjoyed it. My miss out !
Was it about THE Messiah?
It's a Thriller. It is not a documentary.
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Theland //Was it about THE Messiah?//

To tell would be a spoiler - just watch it, I think you will like it.
Am interested now.
It says "A fictional story not based on true events" in the description.
Messiah was 5 but watch Pianist 12/10....emotional but superb!
Theland have you watched it yet? This thread got me watching it. If you like ep 1, then you will LOVE the rest of the show. If you can get through ep one, then the rest of the show is good.

I wish there as less Arabic but considering it's about a load of Arabs what can you do.
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Devil; Have you watched it all?
I haven't got Netflix. Oh well .... 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?' it is then.
"Devil; Have you watched it all?"

Not yet. I'm almost all the way through season 1
I am episode 9. I have throughly enjoyed it too. Love Aviram , isn't he a sight for sore eyes ! It's not Mr.Sam's cup of tea though.
The Devil ; are there more seasons then ?

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'messiah' On Netfix

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