Being Spiritual.

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Theland | 01:58 Fri 12th Jul 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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Quite often celebrities claim to be spiritual, and back up their claims with phrases such as, finding myself, discovering my place in the universe, connecting with nature etc etc and other nonsensical made up ideas.
But do you consider the spiritual without God in the equation, in spite of possibly your atheism?


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Theland, //Absolutely! //

Your contradicting yourself. Earlier the experiences others describe weren't at all right ... apparently. Still, a convenient bandwagon to hop on is always useful to promote the cause, eh? ;o)
Question Author
Naomi - Once again you pontificate on something you have never experienced.
And sad? How? Whether genuine or not, how is it sad?
Theland - // Andy - You have joined the ranks of atheists who presume to be a preaching authority on Christianity in order to provide me with guidance. //

No, I haven't.

I just observe your daily failure to practice what you preach - literally.
Question Author
Naomi - Have you anything authoritative to add or are you once again just being insulting and shooting from the hip? That is sad.
Where's the insult, Theland? You've contradicted yourself.

Let me know what you consider 'authoritative' and I'll give it a bash.
Question Author
Not giving a hoot about Paiigntons opinion of me falls foul of your rules for Christians?
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Naomi - You speak with an apparent authority. You never doubt your own opinion. That is exclusive.
Theland - // DAILY FAILURE TO PRACTICE? Wow! Any examples? //

How about endorsing state-sponsored murder? That'll do from your postings today.

// Not giving a hoot about Paiigntons opinion of me falls foul of your rules for Christians? //

Point is, I don't have any 'rules for Christians' - I leave that to you, and it's not your 'not giving a hoot' that breaks the rules, it's being unwilling to engage in teaching The Word, and trying to convert a non-believer.
Theland, do you doubt your own opinion?
Question Author
Naomi - Often.
Question Author
State sponsored murder? Speechless!
Disingenuous theland.
Question Author
Not sure what you are driving at.
Question Author
Andy - I owe you and Paignton an apology. You were right and I was wrong. Been thinking about your posts, and watching a lecture on YouTube, and realised that I allowed my pride to get in the way of what is right.
I have no excuse, other than to admit that I am not perfect, and sin is a trap I often fall into.

Paignton - Please accept my apologies.
Theland - it's nothing to apologise for, it's not 'sin' at all.

People get things wrong, that's why they put rubbers on the end of pencils.

My comment yesterday was aimed at those who described their spiritual experience . If they stayed on the thread long enough to see my comment then they probably also saw Naomi's response to it.....
Who's grasping at straws then ?.....
BenHilton, but your comment was nothing more than conjecture - wishful thinking. Justify it and I’ll give it serious consideration. Until then you’re grasping at straws.

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Being Spiritual.

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