But Thats The Old Testament

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nailit | 22:53 Sun 26th May 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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Tonight's been a bit different. Ive been to church for the first time in decades.
Not to hear a sermon or to worship but to see a Christian comedian. (as to why I attended?...explanation available upon request).
To be fair, he was actually quiet funny and the evangelism bit at the end wasn't unexpected. No collection plate either which was a bonus as I had nothing in my pockets and I wasn't about to crack my wallet open.

Upon getting home I decided to view a few you-tubes vids of him (because I found him genuinely funny)
But this one got me back in the real world (as opposed to the world of comedy or there a difference?)

Between the 16.00 mark and the 17.00 mark he completely dismisses the OT killings, bloodshed and violence and makes a joke of it. He then turns it into some morality tale!

I just don't get why or how the Old Testament is disregarded and yet is considered a part of the Christian canon??
Is killing people ok as long as God asks you to do it?


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Suggestions? No. I claim fact based on solid evidence that satisfies me.
Evidence that satisfies you isn't fact, Theland. 'Fact' is indisputable.
naomi; //Evidence that satisfies you isn't fact, Theland. 'Fact' is indisputable.//

Many, would disagree with you; Your so-called "facts" are very disputable, there are no facts in this world, only interpretations of phenomena.

See Nietzsche: Nietzsche sometimes calls this, ‘perspectivism’. The interpretations that can be put on the world, he says, are as numerous as the perspectives from which the world can be viewed. None of these perspectives is any more correct than any other: the world is always “interpretable otherwise, it has no meaning behind it, but countless meanings”.

Not only does Nietzsche hold that no interpretation, no perspective, is privileged over any other, but he also holds that there is no truth in any perspective. “All interpretations of the world are false” .

Nietzsche asserts that the very possibility of truth is precluded by the way the world is: “The character of existence is not true, is false” “There is no truth”.

Khandro, //Your so-called "facts" are very disputable//

What are my so-called 'facts'?
It's obviously the opposite of whatever Theland is asserting, because you say, "Evidence that satisfies you isn't fact,"

ergo, you (and he) must know what these "facts" are.
Khandro, that’s abject nonsense. Give it another go. What are my so-called ‘facts’? In your own words will do.
Good God naomi, you hold such store on the importance of 'facts', that for years on here, you have done nothing but dismiss religion because of its lack of them.
Without factual evidence to support the claims made, the only option is to question the validity of those claims. No?
"Is killing people ok as long as God asks you to do it? "

To die a martyr is to inject blood into the veins of society

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But Thats The Old Testament

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