Near Death Experience

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Chipchopper | 09:31 Wed 15th May 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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Anyone had their own account of this ?.



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No but my mother did some years before she passed away. Was having on op for something and said she ‘ found’ herself back OST home in the bar... they had a pub in those days.

After her Post operative care she was told by the surgeon that she had ‘died’ for several moments on the operating table.

Years later when she did pass away there were many unexplained things hapen at the pub witnessed by myself and other people.

Why do you ask chipchopper?
If you type NDE into the search box, you'll see previous discussions.
I think I had about 6 C.A.s during my bypass op.I am afraid I never experienced an out of life experience during any of them.I guess they were to quick with the crash trolley before I could get off the table.
Every time I go to sleep at night, it is called a dream.
I get those at day time too. :-)
Near Death Experiences is a subject that I've had a fascination with for years (decades). Ive read scores of books on the subject, read hundreds of articles and viewed hundreds of vids. There are now millions of documented cases.
But....does it prove anything?
I DON'T think that it proves an afterlife.
I DO think that it proves that our brains are active for a short time after we are pronounced clinically dead (oxygen left in the brain).
Studies have been performed on rats whereby they have been wired up to EEG's while been given an induced heart attack. The EEG's registered brain activity for a few seconds after death.
Its a huge subject when you get into it.

But if its a dream/hallucination then why do so many people report the same dream/hallucination?
I don't know?
And neither does anyone else!
I find it interesting that so many people get their minds all twisted up in knots over phenomena that are virtually self-explanatory. Near death experiences are simply that, the minds attempt to draw conclusions about its experiences when it is not functioning on a fully conscious level. So often we confuse reality with whatever it seems to be given the limited information available at the moment when the purpose of the mind is to come to grips with and comprehend what reality actually is once we have obtained adequate information to do so, rather then define our experiences as some other realm of reality.

For those who insist that reality is only an illusion, by their definition in their case I am in complete agreement. Reality is not a guessing game and when you've figured out that much the work has just begun.
Goodlife's posts are near death experiences. ;o)
^ After a few of those the prospect of an eternity in hell begins to look like a preferable alternative.
Then I suppose the same sentiment might well be shared by some regarding many of my posts as well.
Not me, but my maternal Grandma did and she never wavered from the telling of it all her life. She nearly died when she was a young woman and saw her beloved deceased Mum calling her from across a crystal blue stream. Her jet black hair was blowing in the breeze and she was looking at Grandma with such love. My Grandma said 'I can't Mam, I can't cross'. The doctor was amazed when my Grandma came round and lived. If she had crossed the stream to be with her Mam, she would have died and me and my Mum would never have been born. Grandma often used to say it wasn't a dream and the colours of the sky and the stream and the grass were hard to describe as they were much more brilliant than anything here on earth. I believed her and that's good enough for me. For myself, I asked my Dad for a sign when I realised that I was losing Mum as well and needed to know that not only was he around somewhere, but that Mum would be with him when her time came. He did give me a sign and it was truly wonderful and I'll carry it with me for the rest of my days. As a result of these two things (and other things that happened at Mum's after Dad had passed), I know there is life after death and I am content with that. So if anybody wants to come on and ridicule me, I ain't bothered ..
HereIam, I won't ridicule you. I know odd things happen. What was the sign? Can you tell me?
I wouldn't ridicule anyone. Dying people generally do through a similar process of shutting down. You can't be "nearly dead", you are either dead or alive and death is permanent. If something helps or comforts people, fair enough... but there are plenty of explanations for NDEs.
It's a bit long winded naomi, I can't just say what it was without doing it justice and explaining more about it and I don't really want to on here - do you have a throwaway email maybe ?
No but I do know when my nan was at point of death and non-conscious she suddenly opened her eyes, said 'mother' and then died. It may be nothing, it may be what we would like to see but it was thought provoking nevertheless.
Buddhists have long recognised this phenomenon. The explanation offered is limited, but may be of interest to fellow seekers-after-truth.

Depending on how 'attached' the mind (the individual) is to living - and that in most cases is VERY - the still active mind, at the point of the body's 'death', seeks another resting place. This leads to the notion of rebirth, as fortunate minds might find themselves in the unformed mind of a foetus in an adjacent womb, and live another life. Less fortunate minds might find (or reject) berths in other adjacent lifeforms, at all sorts of stages on the tree of evolution.

It is claimed that the Enlightened Ones (Buddhas) are able to either turn aside from this grasping, this attachment, at the point of death, thus achieving Nirvana, or release from the repeated cycle of living and dying; or, they are able to choose the path their liberated minds take, and pick an appropriate foetus for their rebirth.

As you will see, there is some confusion over the precise nature of such death experiences, mainly because (as usual) few return to report on it...

In my experience, a lot of people start talking about others who have passed away, shortly before they die and often have a burst of energy and chatting the day before. I think their bodies give them the clues x
Both my dearest Mum and Dad at the point of death revived slightly, Dad looked up at the ceiling and waved at someone (his beloved Brother had died a few weeks before) and Mum also started trying to smile at something or someone I couldn't see and then she opened her eyes and turned her head to me (her eyes had been shut for hours). She tried to speak, but couldn't and then I lost her. Feeling very sad now - I'll never get over it, never.

My paternal Grandad on his deathbed, looked at the bottom of the bed and said 'oh look there's Bob' (a long dead dog) and then he died. My maternal Grandad, just before he died, suddenly opened his eyes and said 'no more sailing now Dad'. He used to go sailing with his Dad when he was a kid.

I know there is something out there and I don't fear death, just how I die.
hereIam, I'm sorry, I don't have a throwaway email address.

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