Dirty Stinking Church Of England

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Theland | 19:59 Mon 29th Apr 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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Panorama tonight - Disgusting revelations about child abuse and cover ups.
The church of Satan.
They deserve to burn in hell.


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what religion are you theland - i always presumed church of england somehow
It's not just CofE though is it?

Abuse goes on in many religions.
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I have no religion.
I am a Bible believer and a follower of Jesus Christ.
The Catholic church is worse because it's more widely spread.
Your headline Theland , does not say much for The Royals then.
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The Foysls? Apostates.
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Why is this in R&S? The problem is abusers, isn't it?
Wherever you have large organisations with a hierarchy, religious or not, you will get the potential for abuse, it's not uniquer to the CofE or the Roman Catholic church by any means.
Quite correct that the individuals involved deserve to burn in hell!!

But not the whole church & followers.... as i have said before regarding the abuse in RC x
Theland, sort yourself out. You're losing the plot.
Let they without sin, cast the first stone. Mother, put down that rock!

John 8:7
There is I read, a huge amount of child abuse and sodomy in the Muslim world - boys disguised in girl's garb etc. despite such things being outlawed in no uncertain terms in the Koran.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but would BBC Panorama dare to make a film about this? - don't hold your breath!
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Thank you Naomi I have sorted myself out.
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Are we a double act again?
All "father" priests stink

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Dirty Stinking Church Of England

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