Why Did Jesus Bother?

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Atheist | 21:17 Mon 25th Mar 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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I think he bothered that ordinary poor people were getting a bad deal, Sadly, he didn't realise that his attempt to engender kindness in many people would fail - he underestimated the widespread lack of empathy and the power of 'rotten apple' syndrome and the 'tragedy of the commons.'


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He bothered because he believed that the world was about to end and all had to be prepared. And anyway, it was a living.
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I personally think he had a bit of a god complex
There are more good apples in every harvest than bad ones, whether they follow the teachings of Jesus or not.

Some people are very rude indeed though.
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Mamy, it's true what you say, but one bad apple affects some of the rest. I try not to be rude, but if you thought I was, then I apologise.
It was someone else I was referring to, not you.
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Mamy; good. I wouldn't like to offend you.
Why did Jesus bother with what?

Jesus quote, "Am I bothered?"
Because he so loved the world ......

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Why Did Jesus Bother?

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