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Atheist | 12:19 Sat 16th Feb 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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Does anyone here feel sad that the Catholic church is still in thrall to superstition? Apparently Cardinal Newman is close to beatification following an alleged miracle that he performed. He may even be sainted if he can pull off another one.


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For some strange reason, Newman converted to the apostate cult of Roman Catholicism.
They can call him Saint, sergeant, or screwball, but it makes no difference.
He was misled in life, and in death, well, ..........?
Now now, don't hold back - have a go at him in death too.

Wouldn't normally stop you being all Christian.
Anybody who dies twice with 80+ years in between deserves a bit of recognition, surely?
//Newman who was already credited with curing a man's spinal disease, is now said to have healed a woman's unstoppable bleeding//

He's no clot then!
They would but he didn't, Danny made an error.
Give him a blue peter badge.
I had noticed dannyk13 acknowledging that, but thanks for womansplaining.
People should stay away from RCism. Totally wrong.
I think you'll find many RCs are more kindly and charitable and willing to live and let live than you are Sir on a regular basis , myself included.
I don't doubt it and many atheists would put a lot of Christians to shame.
Never disputed by me.
So, a cassock lifter?
well, that could be a conclusion....bring out the confession box.
In the interests of balance here is a sympathetic article about Newman summing up his reasons for converting :
//Newman converted to the apostate cult of Roman Catholicism…. He was misled in life, and in death, well, ..........?//

There’s a surprise. Theland’s brand of religion is right and all others are wrong. Who’d a thunk …?
We recently had a Royal Commission into institutional child abuse in Australia. Vast numbers of cases of sexual and physic abuse of children were revealed. Some involved Cardinal George Pell who was the top Catholic in Australia who was later convicted.

One of the outcomes of the commission demanded that churches report to police when child abuse is revealed in confessions.

One state has already enacted the legislation. The Catholic Church has stated they will ignore any law.

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Cardinal Newman

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