Israel In Prophecy.

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Theland | 00:14 Fri 15th Feb 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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70AD and Ksrael was destroyed as prophecied.
Then as prophecied, the Jews, were gathered together and the modern state of Israel was born.
That's what the Bible said, that's what happened.
So is that not truth of Bible prophecy?


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Aw gawd.
I'm sure nailit will be along soon to pick up the gauntlet...
What did the prophecy say?
The only prophesy unambiguously predicting the destruction of the second temple was in Matthew ("not a stone..." etc). That written before or after 70AD?

The original prophesies about the return of the "remnant of Israel" were probably about the the end of the Babylonian captivity after the victory of Cyrus the Great and the return to Jerusalem.

But it's all a bit hazy these days, Theland.
Question Author
Not hazy. Cyrus was prophecied 200 years earlier.
But Israels history was written down and it happened.
So true or not true?
//Cyrus was prophecied 200 years earlier//

I hope you're doing a "Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin" on me, Theland.

Has Belshazzar been sorted as an historic figure yet?

Remembers a fourteen year old VE staying after school with access to the school Hi-fi (leading edge in those days) and the record collection. Walton, wasn't it: "Belshazzar's Feast"? Didn't like it much. My fault, not Walton's, I dare say.
Question Author
Vetuste - what the hell you talking about?
Daniel 5, Theland. It's a book in the Old Testament. I thouight you would have recognised the quotation and the prophecy.
Or were you asking me about William Walton?
Question Author
Plain speaking is rewarding.
Israel wasn't destroyed. It's still there. I can personally vouch for that.

You'll drive yourself potty, Theland, and what for? What's it all about?
//Plain speaking is rewarding//
try telling that to peter pedant
This is the issue of predict enough things and some will appear to be foresight because they just so happened to happen. Sheds no light on truth of prophesy. I prophesize that one day snow will fall here. If it doesn't seem to work, stick around, I didn't give a date, you've probably not waited long enough.
I agree with Zax and nigh - oh Gawd
or Lorx - a - mercy !

arent there some zionists who are against the israeli state because it is inevitably associated with the millenium and second coming ?
yes there are !
just goes to show you where prediction gets you
-- answer removed --
for chrissakes boys and girls
ael and theland
there is a piece of muzak called Belshazzar's Feast by Walton and VE stayed on at skool one day to listen to it as the school was the only place with a record player

I mean just read the script ! ( and it shall become clear )
It was Cyrus boys and girls
who released the israelites from captivity in Babylon and told them to go home

His decree of liberation is in clay in cuneiform and in a museum somewhere

I mean come on
you look for historial allusions in the Bible
and dont know this stuff
Question Author
Naomi - If Israel wasn't destroyed, why did it have to be reborn thousands of years later?
Read the relevant passages of Mark Twains impressions in his book, "(An) Innocents Abroad."

Naomi - You would be well rewarded to learn the history of the land over the last 200 years and be amazed at the transformation.
What about the Bible's unfulfilled prophecies that have been pointed out to you on several occasions and you have conveniently ignored?

BTW, many congrats on the new addition to ur family :-)

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